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Kitchens were made to bring families together, which is why it is considered in most circles the heart of the home.  This is the room that receives the most action, where friends and family gather.   

When something goes wrong with your kitchen plumbing or appliances it is usually an emergency and needs immediate attention.  Michaels plumbing Service will schedule one of our plumbing experts to come to your home and fix the problem, large or small, quickly and efficiently.  We can even assist you in planning a complete kitchen remodel to increase your kitchen’s functionality and your family’s enjoyment. 

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Michaels Plumbing Service provides service and maintenance for all your kitchen plumbing needs.  We have an entire department devoted to installation services for all electric appliances and gas kitchen appliances including gas ranges and cooktops, dishwashers, over the range microwaves, wall ovens, instant hot water dispensers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, wine coolers and more! 

Have a clogged sink? Dripping faucet?  Point of use water filtration system need installed?  Give us a call today or schedule your appointment online!

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