Water Filtration and Purification


Better quality water is becoming more a a priority in homes across America.  Advances in home filtration systems and water softeners are making it easier to get on board and enjoy pure quality water for drinking and everyday uses and more people are  become more educated about how diet plays a major role in our health.  

Most people agree that better water has many benefits, but did you know that homes where a whole house filtration system is paired with a whole house softener system the occupants experience better health while saving money?  That the plumbing system in their home stays cleaner and that less detergents and even more environmentally friendly cleaners can be used easily?

At Michael's Plumbing Service we carry the most advanced purification systems in a compact convenient package for all your drinking and cooking needs from brands like Pelican and Envirowater water filtration systems.  We can install a system that is perfect for your lifestyle and budget. 


  • A single drinking water filter unit at your kitchen sink
  • A whole-house filtration system on your main water line
  • A combination of whole-house filtration and water softener
There are a number of benefits to installing a water filtration system in your home.  We have put together some very informative articles and links below.

    Additional Information:

   Water quality in your area

   Water Quality in the News and Other resources

Michaels Plumbing Service now offers a full line of water filtration, purification, softening, fluoride removal and ionization products in Acworth, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Ball Ground, Canton, Cumming, Holly Springs, Kennesaw, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Woodstock.  Call us today (770) 592-0081!

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