Retail Installation Limited Warranty

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Retail Installation Limited Warranty

As a retail installation customer your primary warranty is with the retailer you purchased your product from. The retailer must be promptly notified and authorization received for us to return to your home under your warranty.

Each retailer is different and their policies change from time to time. Please contact the store where you purchased your product from for additional details. As a general rule of thumb, retail box store install purchases come with two separate warranties. A warranty provided by the manufacturer of the particular product you purchased and a labor warranty provided by your installer.

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Chandler was extremely helpful and great at explaining the situation.

Also the toilet install is great!

- Daniel Heim

So friendly and they know their stuff.

Such a pleasure to work with from first contact over phone to their service professionals - like a pure delight.

- Tanya Sam

Positive: All the plumbers have been nice and very knowledgeable. Prices seem reasonable, but their service is what Id pay the most for. 5/5, would recommend.

5/5 Would Recommend

- Brittany F

Slam dunk!

Slam dunk! Scheduling and work completed toot sweet! I will defiantly use them again & refer others. Thank you again Amber and Aaron. Top notch!

- Lana Beishir

The cost was very reasonable and I recommend this company!

I was able to get an appointment for service today. The plumber, Trevor, was very efficient and friendly. I certainly will use this company again. The cost was very reasonable and I recommend this company!

- Janet Datre Purdy