Washing Machines and Steam Dryers

Washing Machines

In the past, local delivery companies have typically been the ones to install washing machines and dryers upon delivery. More and more delivery companies are no longer offering these services, especially for appliances with advanced features.

Our plumbing and appliance installation specialists at My Georgia Plumber have experience installing all major brand washers and dryers, including steam dryers. Connecting, repairing and replacing water and drain lines to all types of laundry room appliances is no problem for our plumbing pros and we use braided stainless steel ‘no-burst’ supply lines for all installation and repairs.

Homeowners should inspect their washer and dryers regularly.


  • Supply lines (hoses) for areas of swelling, cracks and rust at the connections.
  • Washer box valves (faucets) for leaks and be sure they turn on and off easily.
  • Washing machine discharge line is in good condition and is securely placed in the discharge hole (drain barrel) and secured.
  • Washing machines that are located in an upstairs laundry room should be installed in a drain pan that is drained outside.
  • Dryer vent connections to ensure the lines are secure.
  • Inspect gas lines and connections for leaks.

Remember to turn off the water connections to your washing machine supply lines if you are going out of town for any length of time. And, if you are having trouble with the machine itself, for example the timer isn’t working you should call an appliance repair technician. But, in the event that you find your washing machine or dryer connections and/or drain lines are in need of repair, call My Georgia Plumber.

  • Replace polybutylene washing machine hoses with stainless steel braided no-burst lines.
  • Unclog washing machine drain lines.
  • Install and connect new washers, dryers and laundry tubs.
  • Install washing machine pans and drain lines.
  • Repair and replace gas lines and water lines.