Summer Kitchens and Outdoor Gas Grill Installations

Whether you have an existing gas drop and pluming on your patio or are looking to add a new gas line, water or drain lines to your home, My Georgia Plumber has the experts to get the job done quickly and professionally. We can also convert your existing propane gas grill to natural gas if a conversion kit is offered by your manufacturer and install new appliances in a jiffy!

Save Time, Money and the Environment.

Converting from propane to natural gas will allow you to enjoy grilling all summer for a fraction of the cost and in time will pay for itself. Utilizing your existing natural gas source will allow you to fuel your gas-powered outdoor appliances without the need to purchase or refill propane tanks continuously during the season and you will never be stuck with an empty propane tank again.

Leave It to the Professionals.

When dealing with gas it is always best left to the professionals. My Georgia Plumber's skilled and licensed professionals will perform all the necessary prep work, including getting permits if applicable, to get your gas grill line installed properly. If you have an existing line and it is in need of repair, call us right away! Leaking gas lines can be very dangerous to your home and to your family, causing difficulty breathing or even a dangerous explosion. Our plumbing and gas professionals are fully aware of the dangers of working with natural gas and can safely perform both repairs and installations.

Summer is upon us once again, family and friends are lounging around the patio, the kids are playing in the pool and it’s time to light up your gas grill. Then ""Oh Shucks!" once again the propane runs out right in the middle of cooking dinner. How many times has this happened to you?

Call the professions at My Georgia Plumber to install your new gas grill line today!