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Uses of Laundry/Utility Sinks

My Georgia Plumber also specializes in Appliance Installations including washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, cooktops, and more.
A Tub for Every Type
If you think you have room in your home for a dedicated mudroom, washing station, the first step is usually to browse the available tubs, basins, and styles of custom bath stalls or fixtures. There are also many tub and sink, faucets, and other products that our technician is qualified to install or repair.
For a bathing stall that blends seamlessly with the décor of the room or that is fully customized, you can also consult a designer to build one from scratch. This would be much like installing a traditional tub or shower and would involve the skills of a home designer, a plumber, and a tile installer.

Utility sink, pet station, and faucet repair and installation

Laundry rooms serve a variety of purposes in the modern-day home. From cleaning paintbrushes to rinsing off muddy shoes, doing laundry, or grooming pets this small but practical room has become part of everyday life for many of us. So, if it's clogged, leaking or in need of repair in any other way, My Georgia Plumber can get you back up and running quickly. We can also install any of these convenience items in your existing laundry area. Set up your consultation today!

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