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Why Choose My Georgia Plumber You May Ask - 

Communication is key - We keep our customers well informed from beginning to end. We text and email booking confirmations, send technician pictures and real-time GPS location updates when we're headed your way. We also utilize paperless invoices and estimates along with flat-rate pricing to ensure you are charged a fair price.

We provide 3 options -After a thorough diagnosis, our technicians will always provide you with at least 3 options for your project. Providing options allows our customers to decide which repair or replacement option works best for their individual budget, time frame, and home maintenance goals. We provide all-inclusive estimates based on flat-rate pricing, leaving no guesswork. All quotes are good from 30 days from the date of the initial visit, guaranteeing you the best price from the best plumber in the area. Why go with anyone else?

We do the job right - Each technician is handpicked. We are a drug-free workplace and each of our employees is background checked. All technicians receive the latest product training as well as one-on-one training with our Senior Plumbers year-round. This ensures your job is done right the first time. Plus, our warranty policy ensures any questions or problems are addressed immediately. 100% satisfaction guarantee - All our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We believe providing our customers with accurate information, a thorough diagnosis, and a minimum of 3 service options ensures proper expectations are set from the beginning. If something doesn't meet our customer's expectations, we will do the right thing until they are happy.

Home Care Club - We have combined priority service, discounted rates, and extended warranties for all products and services, plus 2 free annual maintenance services into our Home Care Club. Additionally, we charge $0 service fees for regular service and heavily discount emergency services fees for your plumbing and gas emergencies. This is the best Maintenance Plan in the industry! Be sure to ask the technician to show your savings if you were to join today!


You don’t get to choose when your plumbing system breaks down. While small issues can wait until the next business day, many plumbing issues need immediate solutions to avoid property damage. At My Georgia Plumber, we are committed to our customers, and we are proud to offer residents in Alpharetta emergency plumbing services. When you need reliable, honest plumbers, we are just a phone call away.

Knowing when to call an emergency plumber is not always clear. Small issues often can wait, such as slow-moving drains or minor faucet repairs. More significant issues and problems which result in property damage require the fast response of a skilled emergency plumber. Knowing when to call an emergency plumber can help you save money and put a stop to a major plumbing issue.-


  • Flooding
  • Gas leaks
  • No hot water
  • Mainline clogs and backed up sewer lines
  • Plumbing line breaks
  • Sudden drops in water pressure
  • No water coming from your taps

Many plumbing issues can pose health hazards, such as a sewer line backup or backflow issue that contaminates your drinking water, or a gas leak coming from one of your plumbing appliances. In these situations, it is essential that you contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency such as flooding, the first thing you want to do is turn off your water. This will limit the amount of water flooding into your home or property. You should also turn off your water heater to avoid a pressure buildup. If you can place a bucket or other receptacle under smaller leaks, do so – this will help prevent property damage from pooling water.

At My Georgia Plumber, our emergency plumbers in Alpharetta are committed to customer safety and satisfaction. All of our plumbers are fully trained and licensed. We can handle any plumbing emergency! -Call today! 770-592-0081