Happy Fourth of July | My Georgia Plumber

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Happy Fourth of July | My Georgia Plumber

By lnbadmin

March 18, 2022

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How To Prepare Your Plumbing For the Fourth of July!

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With Fourth of July coming up this week, here at My Georgia Plumber we want to help you prepare your home for the festivities this holiday brings if you’re hosting in your home! These preventative steps, before and during, are going to help avert any plumbing mishaps whether you have a couple of friends and family over or if you through a big party!


Kindly remind your guests to only flush toilet paper down your toilet! Anything and everything else should be thrown in a trash bin. Feminine hygiene products, trash, wipes or anything else will clog and possibly overflow the toilet. If this happens shut off the water for your toilet, use a plunger to dislodge the obstruction. Turn the water back on and flush the toilet to make sure it’s been flushed out. If the water rises, and before it overflows, call My Georgia Plumber so we can come by and help you!

Garbage Disposal

Keeping your kitchen sink garbage disposal is a must, especially with the extra dishes being washed and the extra food being washed down! Be sure to keep large and hard-to-break-down foods out of the disposal, such as fruit pits, bones, vegetable or fruit peels, grease, or fats! All of these items and similar types can cause a clog in the disposal when it can be prevented by throwing these food items in the trash!

Shutoff Valves: Know How to Stop the Flow
No matter what kind of fancy new hands-free toilet or farm-style sink you may have, it is important to know how to stop and start its flow of water. This little tidbit of knowledge can be the difference between a minor party foul and a major party flood. Locate your shutoff valves before your celebration starts, so that you can act quickly if calamity strikes. The shutoff valve is normally located underneath your sink and against the wall behind your toilet. By rotating the shutoff valve clockwise, you can immediately stop the flow of water and save yourself from an even bigger mess to clean. If you need more help avoiding plumbing woes this 4th of July, schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

My Georgia Plumber wants you to enjoy your holiday no matter what in America’s Finest City! That means if you have a plumbing incident, call us! We’re here to help!