Improving Water Pressure in Your Home

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Improving Water Pressure in Your Home

By lnbadmin

March 18, 2022

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It can be frustrating to hop inside the shower for a quick rinse to be met with low water pressure. Your products fail to suds up, the shower takes forever, and the experience is uncomfortable altogether!

While low water pressure may be manageable for some homeowners, you’ll want to ensure your water pressure is satisfactory for any houseguests that may stop by this season. Low water pressure affects many homes across the country, but you can use some tips and tricks to combat it.

Our plumbing specialists are here to teach you how to tackle low water pressure in your home. Relaxing showers are in your future; keep reading to learn more!

Clear Clogs

Pipes can quickly become clogged with everyday grime, minerals, soap scum, and more. Minerals can build up to a point where your plumbing’s efficiency and water flow are hindered, leaving you with a weak flow of water.

While you can try some DIY solutions, professional drain cleanings are your best bet for ridding your system of mineral clogs. Plus, it’ll give your drains the refresh they deserve!

Look for Leaks

A cracked pipe could be the culprit responsible for your unsatisfactory water pressure. If water leaks through a crack as it’s flowing through the pipes, you’ll be left with a measly trickle.

There’s an easy way to determine if your home has fallen victim to a leak. First, make sure all faucets, both indoor and outdoor, are turned off. Then, turn off your home’s water valve. Write down the initial number that appears on the meter. Return in two hours to take a second reading. If it has increased, there’s a leak somewhere in the system that requires professional attention to repair.

Ask Neighbors if They’re Experiencing the Same

Your home may not be the only one on the block with poor water pressure. Try asking your neighbors if they’ve noticed low pressure. If you’re not alone, the issue may be tied to your local community water system. Similar to residential plumbing, city systems can also become affected by everyday wear and tear, clogs, and leaks.

Improving Your Water Pressure

My Georgia Plumber is here to help you improve your home’s water pressure and comfort levels. Say goodbye to the days of measly water trickles and frustrating showers. Our specialists can offer tailored solutions for your home’s water pressure needs. Whether you need professional drain cleanings or fixture upgrades, we’re the talented team for the job. Call us today at (770) 954-8038 or fill out an online contact form today!

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