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IPC Code Changes, Part 7
A continued summary of significant revisions of the International Plumbing Code to be published in the 2021 edition. This is the continuation of a series…
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IPC Code Changes, Part 8
A continued summary of significant revisions of the International Plumbing Code to be published in the 2021 edition. (subhead) Code Change: IPC Section 607.1.1, 607.1.2,…
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PHCC Educational Foundation accepting applications for 2021 scholarship program
The 2021 scholarship program from the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors — National Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation is open, with 56 awards worth up to $150,000 available this…
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Harmonized Bidet Standards and the Pandemic-Caused Run on Toilet Paper
A summary of substantive U.S. and Canadian code changes for personal hygiene devices for water closets. The agencies that develop plumbing product standards in the…
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Construction Industry Needs to Hire an Additional 430,000 Craft Professionals in 2021
In 2021, construction companies will need to hire 430,000 more workers than they employed in 2020, according to an analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor…
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Fighting Field Service Myths With Truth
How contractors and techs can correct popular misconceptions about the industry. The field service industry has a perception problem. Unfortunately, according to a familiar stereotype,…
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2022 Plumbing Price Increases
As many of you know, the cost of materials and labor are rising across all industries, the plumbing and home improvement industries are no exception.  Over the last…
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2022 Industry Forecast: A familiar tune
PHCP-PVF industry experts weigh in on projections for 2022. After enduring a unique set of challenges through 2020 and 2021, industry experts are excited to…
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2021 – 2022 Plumbing & HVAC Industry Price Increases
PRICE INCREASES To our Customers, Keeping you informed is important to us. Metal, Plastic and and other various materials pricing is impacting most of the…
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