Overview of Leak Defense System Product

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The Leak Defense System is a water flow monitor and alarm system for detecting leaking water pipes or fixtures in residential and commercial building structures. The sensor probes are mounted directly into the main water supply and detect all water flow within the supply side of the structure. And because there are no moving parts to measure water flow, there’s nothing to wear out.

If water flows continuously for a preset time without stopping, it triggers an alarm. An alarm condition may indicate a ruptured pipe, a leaking appliance, a faulty valve, or a more serious condition known as a “slab leak.” An undetected slab leak (a broken pipe in or under a concrete slab floor) can cause extreme structural damage costing the owner thousands of dollars and affect the integrity of the structure.

The alarm function can be set to alert the owner or a surveillance company monitoring the premises. An unabated alarm condition will result in the device initiating its motorized ball valve to halt water flow within the structure. Also integrated into the system are helpful user guides and other features designed to aid a homeowner or a plumbing professional in detecting a leak.

The touch-screen control panel is intuitive, easy to use, and attractive. Its display provides real-time data and flow status. The panel has been designed to indicate any alarm condition, regardless of whether it is a very large or a very small leak. The panel will identify the flow level that caused the alarm to occur and it will sound a built-in audible alarm to notify the homeowner of the problem. If the device halts water flow due to an alarm condition, the control panel will provide information to guide the homeowner through the process of identifying and managing the cause of the alarm. The panel is also used to select operating modes and to program personal preferences.

The Leak Defense System also improves resource conservation and provides water cost savings by detecting unknown water loss long before thousands of gallons escape down the drain or into the structure’s foundation.

Installation Overview – See Note in Right Sidebar

A qualified plumber is required to install the Leak Defense System into the main water line near where the water line enters the home or building. Installation of the Leak Defense System requires replacing only nine to twelve inches of linear pipe with the Leak Defense System pipe section using a solder spliced-in union coupling. The user control panel is mounted inside the building with low voltage wires from the control panel. The control panel may be bezel mounted directly to the wall, or installed in an enclosure and affixed to any surface. The small power transformer can be plugged into a standard 110-volt electrical receptacle.

Product Maintenance

The Leak Defense System requires no maintenance or service. The sensor probes have no moving parts to wear out. However, the probe is in direct contact with the water and everything else that may be in the water. It is possible, but highly unlikely, that solids passing through the water at high velocities may damage the probe if struck with sufficient impact. As with all surfaces in contact with water, the buildup of deposits on the probe may affect its operation over time. However, its stainless-steel construction will greatly resist this deposit buildup. Prototype units have been installed in San Diego County, California, an area of very hard water, for over 7 years with no build-up issues. The probe also does not have a significant or noticeable effect on water flow or water pressure.

Leak Defense System Operation

The Leak Defense System does not require any special operation or handling. It simply detects and displays water flow. If the water flow does not completely stop at least one time during a pre-determined period of time, it displays and sounds the alarm at the control panel. The panel may be accessed to silence the alarm, troubleshoot the problem, or clear the alarm condition and reset the Leak Defense System. The panel will indicate the average flow rate to help determine the magnitude and source of the water loss. Water can be shut down or turned back on from the control panel at any time. All Leak Defense Systems (from .75″ to 3″ I/O) include a manual shut-off valve. Ready to schedule an appointment?

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