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Your water heater provides hot water for showering, laundry and countless other household tasks. When it isn’t functioning optimally, it can cause increased energy and water loss. If it starts to leak, you could be dealing with extensive water damage. At My Georgia Plumber, we provide water heater repair and maintenance in Canton, Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Acworth and throughout North Georgia to fix problems and prevent breakdowns.

Repair for All Types of Water Heaters

Is the hot water in your home not hot enough, running out too quickly or not working at all? We are equipped with the tools and expertise to repair all types of electric and gas water heaters, including traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters and hybrid water heaters from all major brands.

Your Water Heater May Need A Repair If It's:

  • Not supplying adequate hot water.
  • Taking a long time to heat water.
  • Leaking from the water heater tank.
  • Making noise from the water heater tank.
  • Leaking out the drain cock.
  • Leaking out the T&P.

We will evaluate your water heater and explain the problem, as well as your options for repair or replacement. Repair is often the best choice when the water heater isn’t too old, the tank isn’t leaking and the malfunctioning component is able to be replaced. Certain problems, such as rusty water or a leaking tank indicate that the water heater needs to be replaced.

If you need a Canton water heater repair or maintenance service, call 770-268-2331 for an appointment today.

What are the most common issues with tankless water heaters?

The most common issues with tankless water heaters include:

  1. Mineral Buildup: Hard water can cause mineral deposits to accumulate in the heating elements, reducing efficiency and causing malfunctions.
  2. Flow Sensor Issues: Faulty flow sensors may lead to inadequate heating or intermittent hot water supply.
  3. Ignition Problems: Issues with the ignition system can prevent the heater from heating water.
  4. Venting Problems: Improper venting can cause gas buildup and pose safety hazards.
  5. Scale Formation: Scale buildup inside the heat exchanger can reduce performance and efficiency.
What is the most common issue with tank water heaters?

Here's a list of common issues with tank water heaters:

  1. Sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank.
  2. Corrosion of the tank's interior.
  3. Leaks or dripping from the tank or connections.
  4. Faulty or malfunctioning temperature and pressure relief valve.
  5. Insufficient hot water supply or fluctuating water temperature.
  6. High energy bills due to inefficient heating.
  7. Noisy operation, such as banging or rumbling sounds.
  8. Pilot light or ignition problems in gas water heaters.
  9. Electrical issues in electric water heaters.
  10. Age-related wear and tear leading to decreased performance and reliability.

What Causes A Water Heater To Break Down?

When your water heater is broken, there are countless signs that typically indicate a repair is needed. But what causes the breakdown in the first place? There are various components within your water heater that can become damaged, resulting in a repair being needed.

Common Water Heater Problems:

  • Sediment buildup.
  • Damaged heating components within the water heater.
  • Thermostat issues resulting in water that is too hot or too cold.
  • An extinguished or malfunctioning pilot light.
  • Broken or damaged anode rod.
  • A faulty T&P valve.
  • Loose plumbing connections.
  • A faulty or obstructed drain valve.

Keeping up with regular maintenance is an important step in preventing any of the above problems. However, there are times when a repair will be needed. Make sure to have your water heater inspected and repaired right away by a professional plumber to prevent any further damage that could potentially leave your system unrepairable.

Why Regular Water Heater Maintenance Is So Important

A bit of regular maintenance can make a huge difference in a water heater’s performance and energy efficiency. While there are some maintenance tasks that are easy enough to perform on your own, such as flushing the tank to reduce sediment buildup, other repair and maintenance tasks are best left to a trained professional. We are equipped to provide water heater repair and maintenance for all water heater types and brands.

During Maintenance Visits, Our Water Heater Technicians Will:

  • Assess the condition of the tank.
  • Check the thermostat setting and adjust, if needed.
  • Test the temperature and pressure relief valve.
  • Examine the expansion tank for rust or leaks.
  • Drain some water from the tank to remove sediment buildup.
  • Clean the air intake on gas water heaters.

When we visit your home for repairs or routine maintenance, our Canton water heater maintenance technicians can assess the overall condition of your water heater and its performance. If we notice a problem, we can perform minor adjustments and repairs, which can often help you avoid an unexpected loss of hot water.

Conserve Energy, Save Money

Promptly handling repair issues and regular maintenance will help keep your water heater running at peak performance. This helps to conserve energy, which reduces your home utility bills. We offer water heater repair and maintenance in North Georgia to help you stay comfortable and save money.

In Addition, There Are Steps You Can Take To Improve Efficiency:

  • Keep the thermostat set at 120°F for the right balance of performance and conservation.
  • Install a fiberglass insulation jacket around electric hot water heaters and pipes.
  • Flush the tank regularly to prevent sediment buildup.
  • Turn the water heater off or use the vacation setting when you go away.

Our Home Care Club is a plumbing maintenance plan that is designed to provide peace of mind and extend the life of your plumbing system. Each visit includes a complete inspection of your plumbing system and water heater flush. Plan members enjoy many benefits, such as extended warranties on repairs, priority service, discounts and other perks.

Call 770-268-2331 today to schedule water heater repair or maintenance service in Canton, Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas.


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