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If you're in need of a plumber in Atlanta, GA, look no further than My Georgia Plumber. We've been in business for over 30 years and offer a wide range of plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services and gas line installation and repair. We're also experts in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and can help with any plumbing needs you might have for your laundry room. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we're here to help - so give us a call today!

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Excellent Service and Responsiveness!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

The team was outstanding!! Knowledgeable, friendly and walked through everything with us. The company as a whole has been responsive and a pleasure to work with!

AtlantaGA30350 33.96-84.285

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Review of My Georgia Plumber

AtlantaGA30310 33.735-84.4425

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Quick and professional service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

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Good Service but way PRICEY!!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

we needed a hot water recirculating pump replaced. Already had the pump and parts. Old pump’s nut threads didn’t match. Just need edMy GA Plumber to install the correct nuts that came with the new pump onto the brass pipes. About an hour later and upselling my wife on installing two water shutoff valves above and below the new pump (prior pump only had one) we were handed a $765 bill. OUCH. Further calls to other plumbers had quotes of $325 to $700 total - high end if you needed them to supply the pump.

AtlantaGA30319 33.86-84.335

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Great service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

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Excellent Service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

Preston was informative and a pleasure to deal with.

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Excellent service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

AtlantaGA30360 33.955-84.27

Response from My Georgia Plumber:

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our plumbing service! We're glad to hear you were satisfied with our work.

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Excellent Service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

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Excellent Service!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

James arrived on-time and with lots of knowledge in the area of plumbing; I learned so much! He came to give me estimates on work in my home, and he followed up with written info quickly and accurately. Great job Mr. Georgia Plumber!

AtlantaGA30342 33.8925-84.38

Response from My Georgia Plumber:

Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.

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Water Heater Repair

Review of My Georgia Plumber

Robert did a great job and was very helpful with our issues.

AtlantaGA30306 33.7775-84.3475

Robert D.

Robert D.

Job completed March 4, 2024. Pressure reducing valve, water heater isolation valve, and thermal expansion valve have been replaced. New Watts 25AUB prv has been set to 60psi. Existing isolation valve with built in expansion valve has been replaced with a stand alone isolation valve and thermal expansion tank. Piping into the water heater has been reconfigured to accommodate new set up. Water is on and tested with no further leaks or issues at this time. ***made home owner aware that there is still currently a noise from the relief drain of running water. Water is draining a unit above them since that drain is one f the building common drains. No further issues at this time.

Near 17th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
Chandler  D.

Chandler D.

CUSTOMER STATED: garbage disposal was not turning on TECHNICIAN NOTES: technician found that the general electric garbage disposal, with jammed up due to an unknown cause technician cannot find any foreign object in the disposal itself RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: technician unjammed the disposal on today’s trip to resolve the issue. JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: complete PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: 275 flat ESTIMATES: ready

Near Sidney Marcus Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Chandler  D.

Chandler D.

Technician installed new 4 inch faucet and basement bathroom on return trip to resolve the issue. Everything installed and tested with no leaks, presenting themselves.

Near Valley Hall Dr, Atlanta, GA 30350
David C.

David C.

CUSTOMER STATED: basement sink is leaking TECHNICIAN NOTES: upon arrival found that pressure on the house is 120 psi, there is a old wash tub style sink located in the basement with a very old two handle deck mount faucet on it, faucet is not installed correctly and is just hanging by the pex. Called in and claim was denied by ahs. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: prv will need to be replaced and customer will need a new faucet. JOB NOTES: please bill accordingly JOB STATUS: COMPLETE AUTHO: 275CBAI ESTIMATES: please forward estimates to customer.

Near Lanier Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
David C.

David C.

Customer stated: master bathroom toilet hot to touch. Technician notes: upon inspection found that master bathroom fill valve was filling with hot water for a few seconds before turning cold. After further inspection found a mixing valve under the wet bar in th master bedroom, valved off mixing valve and problem no long continued. MGP notes: customer wants to keep mixing valve off instead of replacing it. Job status: complete Estimates: no further needed

Near Ashford Creek Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30319
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

This is a complimentary estimate for My Georgia Plumber to provide and install a 50 gallon electric water heater. This estimate includes all basic code requirements. We will haul away the old unit for disposal. Water heater Model needs to be 50 gallon electric lowboy RE250LN6 Note - Due to unique size of the heater and access this estimate is subject to change upon review. The quoted amount reflects standard 50 gallon installation costs and labor Out today 2/29/24 Trevor J. Return trip to replace the water heater in the utility closet. Tenant onsite had an issue with reusing the existing drain pan that had no issues. Tenant also had an issue with the new tank being a 47 gallon and not a 50 gallon. Attempted to explain there is no true 50 gallon low boy, and if there was it would not fit in this closet. Tenant also had an issue with me using an expansion valve instead of an expansion tank. Installed new water heater, vigorously tested for leaks. Restored power. Unit will take aro

Near River Vista Drive, Atlanta, GA 30339

CUSTOMER STATED: Hot water does not come out of kitchen faucet TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out to the residence today for the concern of a brushed nickel Kohler kitchen faucet not putting out hot water. I have disconnected the hot side supply line from its water supply stop within the cabinet and confirmed that water is being produced from the stop. The hot integrated supply line has become clogged and the faucet will need to be replaced. I have discussed options with homeowner and they do not want a builder grade faucet installed through AHS. Homeowner is going to purchase preferred kitchen faucet and call us back out to install it under our flat rate of $275 with AHS. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: No repairs made today. Need to schedule customer once they retrieve new faucet. JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: COMPLETE/NOTCOMPLETE (RETURN TRIP NEEDED?) Job complete PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: (AUTHO CODE OR WHO YOU SP

Near W Nancy Creek Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319

CUSTOMER STATED: Kitchen sink is not draining. TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out to the residence today for the concern of a kitchen sink not draining properly. After testing kitchen sink, I found that sink will back up after running water almost immediately. Have recommended to AHS to run snake through kitchen sink drain to clear blockage. I was unable to clear clog with machine and had to call AHS again to run hydro jet. AHS has approved to hydro jet kitchen sink drain and gave a new autho code. Will need to schedule customer for a different day RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: Was unsuccessful running machine to clear stoppage in kitchen sink drain. Need to return with jet machine. JOB NOTES: No exterior clean out. High rise building. AHS has authorized 275 & 563 for jetter JOB STATUS: COMPLETE/NOTCOMPLETE (RETURN TRIP NEEDED?) Job not complete PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: (AUTHO CODE OR WHO YOU SPOKE TO) 836ARGI

Near Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

CUSTOMER STATED : Our hot water runs out fast after 15 minutes. TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for the concern of the 40 gallon electric water heater In the laundry room not operating properly. Water heater is less than 1 year old. Customer confirmed they do have hot water, however hot water will run out after running for about 15 minutes. I have recommended for the customer to contact the manufacturer and retrieve a bottom heating element since their warranty with us only covers the labor. While on site customers also had interest in transitioning from a electric water heater to a nat gas/electric tankless system that can be mounted in the laundry area. Home has natural gas but customer needs to have a gas meter installed. RESOLUTION : Customer is going to retrieve parts needed from the manufacturer and call us back out for repairs. No repairs completed today. JOB NOTES : No payment at this time. Customers are members. JOB STATUS : Job not complete

Near Edgefield Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Customer Stated: They had a leak coming from underneath the guest bathroom sink. The tenant was not home, and only the mother of tenant was on site for todays visit. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this sink is located in the second level hallway guest bathroom, and when water is running there was a leak coming from the tubular located underneath faucet. While on site we checked whole home water pressure, and received a reading of 110 PSI which is out of state code regulations. This indicates that the pressure regulating valve or PRV has failed, and must be replaced. I checked throughout the whole home, and was unable to locate a water meter/PRV/whole home shut off. I let the tenants mother know that she will need to contact ResiPro to locate where this PRV/water meter/whole home shut off are located so we can either install new PRV or replace the existing valve. I believe the meter/PRV/shut off have been covered up, but I was unable to locate any access panels or expansion

Near Buckhurst Trail, Atlanta, GA 30349

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