Clogged Drains: What causes them and how they can be prevented

Preventing Clogs Before They Happen

Got a clogged drain? Don’t worry, it’s like the plumbing world’s version of a traffic jam – frustrating but fixable! We’ve dived deep into the hilarious world of clogs and come up with some drain-saving wisdom.


Those hair strands are like party crashers in your pipes. It’s time to play plumber DJ – use strainers to catch those uninvited guests. And if your hair is threatening a takeover, just remember, your drain’s not a hair salon!

Soap Opera:

Soap scum’s the drama queen of drain clogs, building up like it’s trying to win an award. It’s time for an intervention – rinse like your pipes’ lives depend on it! Oh, and monthly baking soda-vinegar parties can help dissolve that drama away.


Grease, meet pipes. Pipes, meet a grease party that’s only fun for the grease. Skip the party, recycle the grease! And if your pipes are clogged, it’s like a bad fat day – time to send in the baking soda superhero.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Food Fight:

Your drain isn’t a foodie – it doesn’t appreciate your culinary experiments. So, scrape that food into the trash, don’t make your drain the garbage disposal’s reluctant roommate.

Toiletries Tango:

Shampoo and conditioner – it’s a dance party that leaves a filmy mess behind. But hey, your drain’s not the dance floor! Show it some love with hot water and baking soda moves.

Root Ruckus:

Trees and pipes – it’s like a WWE match in your plumbing system. Keep those roots trimmed, or your drain will be crying for a referee!

Detergent Dilemma:

Cleaning products leaving pipes in a sticky situation? It’s like a sitcom plot gone wrong. Hot water is the laugh track you need, and non-damaging cleaners are the heroes saving the day.

Remember, prevention is the ultimate comedy show for your drains. Keep ’em happy with strainers, hot water, and TLC (Tender Loving Cleaning). And if your plumbing needs a stand-up routine, call My Georgia Plumber at 770-592-0081. We promise to bring the laughs and the unclogged pipes!

Let the big dogs take a bite out of your plumbing problems!

Whatever your plumbing situation, our technicians are ready to go to give you the help you need.

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