Deep Clean Your Garbage Disposal in Easy Steps

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Easy Steps for Cleaning a Garbage Disposal

Cleaning your garbage disposal is a simple task that can be done using common household ingredients. With baking soda, vinegar, ice, table salt, and lemon peels, you can effectively clean your disposal without the need for harsh chemical cleaners. Follow these steps to deep clean your garbage disposal and keep it in optimal condition.

1: Disconnect the Power

This can be done by either unplugging the disposal or turning off the electricity from the breaker box. Double-check that the power is disconnected by attempting to turn on the disposal.

2: Clean the Splash Guard

The rubber splash guard, which has grooves and crevices, tends to accumulate food particles and grease. Remove the splash guard from the drain and thoroughly clean it using an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush with dish detergent. Scrub vigorously, paying attention to the underside, to remove any debris or slime.

3: Remove Visible Food Debris

Use a flashlight to inspect the disposal for any remaining food particles. Using tongs or pliers, carefully remove any visible food debris.

4: Pour Baking Soda and Vinegar

Measure half a cup of baking soda and pour it into the disposal. Allow it to sit for approximately 30 minutes to deodorize. Next, pour one cup of vinegar into the disposal, causing a foamy liquid to bubble up. Let this chemical reaction break down the grime in the disposal for about three minutes. Rinse with hot water from the tap or boiled water.

5: Grind Ice and Salt

Reinstall the splash guard and reconnect the power. Pour two cups of ice into the disposal and add a cup of salt on top. Run cold water and turn on the disposal to grind the ice. The ice and salt combination effectively scrubs the blades and removes buildup.

6: Grind Lemon Peels

To give your garbage disposal a fresh and pleasant scent, grind lemon peels. Simply place the peel of one citrus fruit into the disposal, run cold water, and turn on the power. The citrus peel will leave behind a refreshing fragrance that permeates the entire sink.

By following these easy steps, you can maintain a clean and odor-free garbage disposal using natural ingredients found in your home. Keep your disposal in optimal condition and enjoy a fresh-smelling kitchen sink.

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