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Best Price Guarantee

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My Georgia Plumber will not be undersold! We truly believe no one offers the same thorough, comprehensive installation, diagnosis, customer service and warranty at the same price​ point as we do. So much so, we guarantee it!

If another company provides you with a written estimate that is less than your My Georgia Plumber estimate for identical products and services, we will not only match it but beat it by 5% (up to $150). If another company provides you with an estimate for different products and services, provide us the estimate and we will match that price, providing equivalent products and services. We will not lose a customer over price.

We are so confident of our pricing, we will even extend this offer up to 7 days past your service. Meet the price match requirements and find a lower price and we will issue a refund for the difference. Now that is a guarantee!

The catch? Our price match guarantee is not good on all installed products. The price match only applies to products and services installed by companies that are licensed by the State of Georgia to provide plumbing and gas installation and service. The estimate must be for the same quality, quantity, installation and warranty. We will match the price when the products included in the estimate are the same brand and model number and include the same additional equipment, accessories and services, excluding used equipment, nonstocks, custom, discontinued, damaged or close-out items. If a competitive estimate is for different brands, models, additional equipment, accessories or services, we reserve the right to substitute equipment we believe to be equivalent. We reserve the right to verify another company’s product availability and price before issuing a price match. We also reserve the right to limit price matching to companies that are licensed and/or authorized resellers for the brands in question.

Our lowest price will be determined after all discounts and rebates have been applied. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any item subject to a price match. If you find a current, published price lower than ours that you feel qualifies for a price match, please call our office at 770-268-2331 . We require a copy of the competitor's full estimate, along with an expiration date. Our price guarantee expires from the estimated date. This policy is subject to change without notice. See the information below for additional details, or feel free to call us.

What is the My Georgia Plumber Low Price Guarantee?

How Does It Work?

If you find a lower price on a new, identical installed item or service, just provide us with a copy of the written estimate or advertisement. We will not only match any competitor's price but beat it by 5% (up to $150)! Our price guarantee is valid for 30 days following the date of your My Georgia Plumber estimate.

What Do We Match?

We match everything we sell and install with any of our licensed competitors within 14 days of their written estimate. The item must be identical, including model number, components, warranties and warranty providers. Warranty coverage and terms must be the same. Items must be in stock, available for purchase and the listed price on the quotation must be from a licensed, authorized reseller. We reserve the right to verify this authorization.

Why do they have to be a "Licensed Competitor"?

These days there are many one-man shows popping up all over town claiming to be plumbers, electricians and HVAC repair guys. These "companies" are here today gone tomorrow in most cases and do not carry the licensing, insurance or, most importantly, the knowledge and experience to qualify as a true competitor. They survive by undercutting honest, secure companies until the market turns or they make a mistake and flood out a home, putting them out of business. They are not able to provide the quality of service that My Georgia Plumber can and when you need them most, they will be gone. That is why we will only price match other licensed and insured plumbing contractors, ensuring My Georgia Plumber will always be your plumber!

What Do We Exclude?

We do not match prices from websites or from companies not licensed to provide plumbing or gas installation services in the Atlanta Metro Area. We do not match prices for our third-party providers’ products and services, items sold on auction sites or at local or special events, such as grand opening, anniversary or liquidation sales. We do not price match taxes or typographical errors.

How Do Manufacturer Rebates & Coupons Affect the My Georgia Plumber Price?

We deduct any My Georgia Plumber coupon and/or manufacturer rebate to arrive at a net price. Comparisons are made after rebates and coupons.

How Do Mail-In Rebates, Gift Checks, Gift Cards & Free Promotional Items Affect the Price Match?

We match the price you pay at the point of purchase. We do not take mail-in rebates, gift cards, gift checks or free promotional items into account.

Are Installation Charges, Fixture Disposal, Permits & Other Charges Included?

When we compare our prices, all equivalent and necessary charges will be included. If a comparison company does not include them, we will use our standard prices to determine the final price.

Are Quantities Limited?

We may limit the quantities of price-matched items and services, especially if the comparison company limits them. We reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer.

When Does the Price Match Expire?

Our price match is good for 30 days following the date on the My Georgia Plumber quotation. If you proceed with an installation, we will honor the price match for verified, public, published prices for identical equipment and installations for 7 days following the installation, subject to the terms stated here.

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