Diagnose, Locate & Repair Water Leaks

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Can’t find what is leaking? Our experts can sniff out your water intrusion issue where others have failed. My Georgia Plumber’s professionals can diagnose, locate and repair any water leak in your home or on your property.

Just like many other plumbing issues, a leak in your water distribution system could start small—but it will likely only get worse the longer you wait to repair it. That’s why it’s smart to call in the professionals before a minor problem turns into an emergency and costly damage to repair.

Expert Water Line Repair & Service

While many water line repair services involve digging up an entire lawn for days on end, My Georgia Plumber offers a better solution. A low-impact solution to underground water line damage, our trenchless pipe repair services get the job done with minimal disturbance to your yard.

Waterline repair has never been so easy:

  • Waterline repairs are done in a day or less.
  • Non-invasive methods replace old pipes where possible.
  • Minimal disturbance to your lawn, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Saving you time and money.
  • All repairs conform to industry standards.

Finding and repairing a water line leak

  • Overgrown tree roots
  • Mineral build-up and residue
  • High water pressure
  • Ground movement
  • Acidic soil conditions
  • Freezing and thawing
  • General deterioration over time

For professional water line repair that won’t uproot your life—at least not for long—give the plumbing experts at your local My Georgia Plumber 770-268-2331  or book online. We’re here to help!

Let the big dogs take a bite out of your plumbing problems!

Whatever your plumbing situation, our technicians are ready to go to give you the help you need.

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