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When it comes to toilet repairs and installations, My Georgia Plumber is your trusted plumbing service provider in Atlanta and North Georgia. We offer a range of plumbing repair services, including toilet repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss common toilet complaints, when to consider toilet replacement, safe solutions for a clogged toilet, and easy tips to prevent toilet clogs.

Common Toilet Repairs:

  1. Running Toilet: A toilet that continuously runs, wasting water and increasing your utility bills.
  2. Weak Flush or Partial Flush: Insufficient flushing power that doesn’t effectively remove waste from the bowl.
  3. Phantom Flusher: The toilet flushes on its own intermittently, indicating a potential issue with the flapper or fill valve.
  4. Water Level Drops: If the water level in the toilet bowl drops significantly between flushes, it may be a sign of an underlying problem.
  5. Continual Clogging and Blockages: Persistent clogs that require frequent plunging or snaking to clear the drain.
  6. Toilet Rocks: A toilet that is unstable and rocks when you sit on it, indicating a problem with the wax ring or mounting bolts.
  7. Toilet Leaks: Leakage from the tank or bowl, which can waste water and cause damage to your bathroom.
  8. Noisy Toilet: Unusual sounds, such as gurgling or hissing, during or after flushing, indicating a potential issue.

When to Replace Your Toilet:

  1. Code Compliance: If your current toilet doesn’t meet the plumbing code requirements of your area, replacement may be necessary.
  2. Cracked Tank or Bowl: A cracked tank or bowl is a significant issue that often requires toilet replacement.
  3. Frequent Repairs or Mechanical Issues: If your toilet experiences constant mechanical problems or requires frequent repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.
  4. Consistent Clogging: If your toilet drain consistently clogs, even after attempts to clear it, replacement may be necessary.

Safe and Professional Solutions for a Clogged Toilet:

  1. Prompt Attention: It’s crucial to address a clogged toilet promptly to prevent overflow and damage to your home’s floors and sub-floors.
  2. Expert Evaluation: Our experienced plumbers will evaluate the problem and apply the necessary remedy to unclog the drain effectively.
  3. Avoid Flushing Objects: Never flush objects down the toilet, as they can cause a quick clog. Keep small items away from the toilet bowl.
  4. Proper Toilet Paper Usage: Be mindful of the amount of toilet paper you use per flush. Avoid putting excessive amounts into the bowl to prevent clogs.

Recommended Toilet Brands:  At My Georgia Plumber, we prioritize quality and offer high-quality toilets and repair parts. Here are some of the popular toilet brands we service and provide:

  • American Standard
  • Kohler
  • Sterling (by Kohler)
  • Gerber
  • Mansfield
  • Universal Rundle
  • Toto
  • Eljer
  • Briggs
  • Crane

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