Rain Showers: Everything You Need To Know When Updating Your Bathroom

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What are rainfall showers?

Rainfall showers are a popular feature in high-end hotels and with many interior designers. Their shower heads are much wider than in traditional showers which results in the user feeling like they are being drenched with water, just like being outside during a rain storm.

Obviously, however, most people in the shower would make sure the water temperature is nice and warm rather than the freezing cold rain usually experienced outside in the UK.

While most rainfall showers rely on gravity to distribute water, some shower manufacturers go one step further and incorporate an injection of air to make the flow of water feel even more all-encompassing.

How does a rain showerhead work?

These types of shower heads have a much larger surface area than regular shower heads, which is very much part of their popular appeal.

The greater surface area means that the water is released from the shower head in a much wider fashion, creating that feeling of a cascade of water softly coming down onto your head and shoulders. This is in stark contrast to a smaller shower which provides a much narrower and more directional flow of water. While this is perfectly adequate, it doesn’t provide such a satisfying experience as from a rainfall showerhead.

You can also choose between square or round shower heads, both of which provide a wide, even flow of water but provide a nice alternative to one another. Which you choose is purely down to style choice rather than a difference in the showering experience.

Where to place a rain shower head

Personal preference will come into play when it comes to deciding where to place your rainfall shower head, however many of them are installed hanging from the ceiling or extremely high on the horizontal wall.

An important factor to keep in mind is that, as the surface area is very wide, you will be standing under the full flow of water for the entirety of your shower. These are not shower heads that can be turned, like a shower on a hose, as rainfall shower heads often tend to be fixed in position.

This means that to apply shampoo or shower gel, you actually have to remove yourself from the flow of water otherwise everything will be washed away before it has had a chance to clean you. Because of this, many people opt to include a hand shower attachment to their main rainfall showering, giving the choice of a full luxurious soaking with water or the more traditional showering experience to allow washing.

How to clean a rain shower head

As with all showers, limescale and dirt can build up on your rainfall shower head. Sometimes this will restrict the water flow, while other times you’ll just know that it looks a bit dirty and needs cleaning.

If your rainfall shower head is detachable, remove the head and place it in a bowl of bathroom cleaner, soapy water, or a white vinegar solution mixed with warm water. You can leave it for about 10 minutes and then give it a gentle scrub with a small brush of toothbrush to remove any dirt. Give it a rinse in clean water, then reattach it and switch the shower on to remove any more residue.

Many rainfall showers are fixed and you will be unable to remove the shower head. If this is the case then you will have to reach up and clean the shower head in situ. You can spray on a gentle cleaner solution, allow it to soak in, and then clean off with a small brush, toothbrush, or sponge. Switch the shower back on to remove more dirt or rinse away the cleaning solution.

In both cases, you can polish the back of your shower head with a soft cloth to maintain the mirror-like finish.

Are rain shower heads water efficient?

The amount of water you actually use will depend on the rainfall shower head that you install. Some manufacturers are more conscious of water efficiency than others, so you should check the average figures on how much water your particular rainfall shower head will use.

That being said, rainfall showers don’t tend to use more water than regular shower heads. They usually spread the same amount of water over a greater surface area in order to recreate rainfall. Some people even report disappointment in a rainfall shower due to the pressure not being as good as in their previous shower.

If pressure is not a problem, you may find yourself taking more showers (and therefore using more water) simply because you enjoy the experience so much!

Rain showers allow full-body coverage

A rain showerhead has many nozzles that can spread the water over a larger area. As a result, users don’t even have to move in the shower to get full-body coverage. Moreover, a rain showerhead might even cover a couple showering together.

Rain showers are easy to install

Installing a rain showerhead might require more time than installing its regular counterpart. Still, with an experienced plumber, this process should take little time and effort. Plus, homeowners can choose whether to put the shower head on the side walls or the ceiling, giving them more flexibility and bathroom design options.

Rain showers provide a unique showering experience

Standard showerheads can’t come close to the sensation rain showerheads offer. The water hits the user’s head and then flows down their body, mimicking raindrops falling gently. This soothing showering experience can be an essential stress reliever after a long day.

Rain showers look aesthetically pleasing

A rain showerhead is usually the most appealing fixture in the bathroom. This simple addition can significantly boost the room’s appearance, making it more elegant and sophisticated.

Rain showers are easy to clean

Due to their large size and broader and flatter surface, rain showerheads are extremely easy to clean. Maintaining this showerhead type only requires a few swipes with a soft cloth.

Rain showers conserve water

Since the water from a rain showerhead falls directly and evenly on the entire body, showering takes less time than usual. Of course, less time in the shower means spending less water. In addition, homeowners can consult with their plumbing company about the latest rain showerheads that use cutting-edge water-saving technology.

Rain showerheads offer advanced options

Depending on the model, some rain showerheads feature LED illumination, several spray settings, precise temperature settings, and relaxing massage options. All of these features can make showering a unique experience each time.

Are rain showers worth the hype?

The simple answer is yes. Rain showerheads can cost more than standard options, but their many benefits make them well worth the price.

These showerheads can also have some downsides, but homeowners can avoid most of them by hiring a qualified plumber for the installation.

These professionals will help homeowners determine the showerhead size appropriate for their bathroom and place the neck properly to avoid water leakage. They can also advise household members on adequately maintaining the rain showerhead to make it last for a long time.

A rain shower head always feels like a wet-on rain. The best rain shower head is safe and is also able to provide cold and hot water. So if you wanted to know about the shower rain head, then you read this article hope you get a clear concept from this article. So let’s start this article.

What is the best rain showerhead?

They are much larger than the size. Its size is around 6 to 8 inches in every rain shower head product. A rain shower is able to increase your bathroom more attractive and plentiful. It has so many nozzles that feel a unique feeling. Now, most people use a rain shower product, and it is so popular. I hope you understand what a rain shower head is and how it works.

Rain Shower Head Pros

If you are considering switching to a rain showerhead, then you probably want to know what draws people to them.  There are many advantages to rain showerheads, for example, they are easy to install and provide a full-body shower.

Obviously, it’s important to think of both the pros and cons when making a switch like this. However, the many pros to rain showerheads may just drag you in headfirst!

Easy To Install

Rain showerheads are easy to install yourself. You can order one online or pick one up at a store and install it the second it gets to your home. This means that you can save money since you won’t have to call a plumber and pay them to install them.Full-Body Shower

A big reason people decide to switch to rain showerheads is that they provide a full-body shower experience. Regular showerheads just can’t offer this, even if they are large in size.

What are typical Rain showers’ flow rates and pressure like?

Rain showers can come as a stand-alone shower head or as a rain shower system, depending on the bathroom design. The shower will follow the same flow rate regulation as their peers’ normal shower heads with the greatest flow rate allowed being 2.5 gpm nationwide, and the lowest flow rate depending upon different state or city regulations.

It is not difficult to understand the reasoning behind this exemption. This results in weaker pressure on each nozzle, which is in contrast to smaller-sized shower heads where they can concentrate all the water out in a minimum amount of streams. However, since there are a lot more nozzles on a rain shower head than on a low-flow shower head, the water coverage is much higher.

Here we can see where the challenge in balancing the water coverage and spray force when there are flow rate limitations

In the case of rain shower heads, they commonly rely on nature’s gift, gravity, to compensate for the lower pressure. If you’re looking to have a higher-pressure rain shower, then it’s probably best to look for a higher flow rate, smaller dimensions like 6” or 8”, or shower heads with different spray patterns if they are available. You can expect better water pressure than common rain showers from Reva.

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