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My Georgia Plumber has been in business for over 30 years, providing quality plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers in Austell, GA. We offer a wide range of plumber services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas line service, remodeling and plumbing for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. We take pride in our reputation for providing quality workmanship at fair prices. Our Austell plumbers are licensed and insured, and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're in need of a plumber, please give us a call today. We'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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Robert D.

Robert D.

Tenant stated additional issues out her than the toilets. Toilets are functioning as designed. ***Note: toilets are dual flush toilets so they will have a different flush compared to standard toilets. Tested multiple times with no issues or concerns. Low pressure in showers. Found shower heads clogged up. Cleaned out and removes flow restrictors. Tested with no further issues or concerns. Kitchen sink drain would gurgle when used. Found studdor vent stuck shut. Took apart and cleaned, and reinstalled. Tested with no further issues or concerns. Upstairs guest bathroom sink draining slowly. Inspected with no issues to be found. This specific drain assembly does not have any adjustment for the stop and has a hard time keeping up with the volume of water. Water pressure in home is reading 60psi

Near Copperbend Dr SE, Austell, GA 30168

Customer stated: she wanted all plumbing fixtures in the house checked due to a new tenant living there. Technician notes: inspected all plumbing fixtures in house, no mechanical failure was found at this time. MGP notes: please bill accordingly Job status: complete Estimates: no further needed Autho: 115AGRA

Near Copperbend Ct SE, Austell, GA 30168
James T.

James T.

The homeowner complaint is that the master bathroom toilet is not flushing down I found that the toilet when flushed is slowly draining due to a clog I augered the master bathroom toilet and cleared the soft clog Tested with no issues Authorization completed under flat rate Job completed Estimates are built and ready to send

Near Virginia Pl, Austell, GA 30168
James T.

James T.

The homeowner complaint is that the garbage disposal is not working I found that the garbage disposal is not turning on I checked the reset and it was tripped I reset it and the garbage disposal will only hum I checked inside and found a long green band of some kind along with a very hard yellow object This is not going to be covered by the home warranty company Authorization completed under flat rate Job completed Estimates are built and ready to send Un-jam the garbage disposal and remove the objects There is no warranty on this repair if any problems happen after this repair is performed homeowner is responsible for payment

Near McEwen Cir, Austell, GA 30168
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Customer States: Disposal in kitchen is having issues. They tried repairing but gave up. Appliance guy was out to fix dish washer and said disposal was causing issues. Technician Notes: Found that Insinkerator disposal in kitchen has a loose collar connection. Collar needs tightened. Food waste build up in the disposal as well. Resolution: Secured collar and cleared food waste in disposal. Ran water and tested for proper function. Do not see any leaks at this time. Job Status: Complete. Autho: Bill flat rate to AHS Estimates: Good to send.

Near Summerstone Trace, Austell, GA 30168
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Customer States: Filled up bath tub in upstairs master bathroom and it leaked into bottom level ceiling. Technician Notes: Cut 2x2ft ceiling in bottom level room to expose plumbing under master bathroom/ tub. Ran tub and filled. Searched for leaks but do not see any leaks at this time. Tested all plumbing fixtures in master bathroom and hall bathroom. Explained to customer there is a rodent issue where there is duct work getting chewed up. I do not think this is related to the leak. Resolution: No mechanical failure. Job Status: Complete. Autho: Bill flat rate to AHS. Estimates: Good to send.

Near Jessie Ct, Austell, GA 30106
Mike D.

Mike D.

Customer needs estimate for large liberty pump on rail system. At least a one horsepower

Near 6 Flags Dr, Austell, GA 30168

CUSTOMER STATED : Garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom TECHNICIAN NOTES : Today I found the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink to be leaking from the bottom caused by normal wear and tear. With it being the first time in the home, I did a quick evaluation of the visible plumbing and found a defective pressure reducing valve located in the garage And a 40 gallon natural gas water heater that is not up to current code. Water heater is also showing signs of leakage. RECOMMEND REPLACING PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE AND WATER HEATER SYSTEM. RESOLUTION : Replaced the existing leaking garbage disposal and installed a garrison garbage disposal JOB NOTES : Job complete Please forward completed estimates to email in pinned notes Please bill out to AHS under autho limit

Near Silver Bend Pl SE, Austell, GA 30168

Came out to provide a complimentary estimate to replace a 40 gallon natural gas water heater to a tankless natural gas water heater. provided estimate to homeowner today and service manager will need to get with him about pricing differences for electric tankless water heaters MGPNOTES: JOBSTATUS: Estimate complete ESTIMATES: Send AUTHO:

Near Citizen Cir, Austell, GA 30106

Technician notes: The visit today was to complete the estimate that was sold to replace the existing 40 gallon natural gas heater, in order to correctly remove existing heater part of the wall had to be removed, drained and disconnected current heater and removed it. Installed new water heater, new water lines, gas lines and all code required items. Lit water heater and set temperature to A setting. No leaks or mechanical failures are happening at this time. Customer requested the we not clean up the floors because she wanted to do it her way. Job status: complete Estimate: no further needed

Near Crestside Dr, Austell, GA 30168

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