Plumber Ball Ground GA

Plumber Ball Ground GA

My Georgia Plumber offers full service residential and commercial plumbing to residents of Ball Ground, GA, and surrounding areas. As a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our local community with all their plumbing repairs, maintenance, and installation needs with a personalized touch.

Our Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

We offer a full range of residential plumbing services, including the following:

  • Kitchen plumbing installation and repair
  • Bathroom plumbing repair
  • Laundry room plumbing repair
  • Basement plumbing remodeling and installation
  • Water heater install, repair, and replacement (traditional, tankless, and hybrid water heaters, expansion tanks, pressure regulating valves, and recirculating pumps)
  • Sewer line and drain system repair and service
  • Sump pump installation, repair, and replacement
  • Water systems repairs and services
  • Water purification and filtration systems installations
  • Gas systems

Our commercial plumbing services include the following:

  • Commercial pipe services (repair and replace cracked, corroded, or damaged water and sewer lines on your property)
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing services
  • Faucet plumbing services
  • Flushometer services
  • Kitchen disposal services
  • Sewer line services
  • Sump pump services
  • Toilet plumbing services
  • Water heater services
  • Water leak services

Local Reviews
for Ball Ground, GA

My Georgia Plumber Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

Map of Ball Ground, GA 30107

Great service!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

Chris was very kind and professional. He was also very helpful with our issues.

Ball GroundGA30107 34.27-84.285

Response from My Georgia Plumber:

Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.

Map of Ball Ground, GA 30107

Impressive service technicians!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

From the moment I met Aaron and J.C., I was extremely impressed! They were both so patient and kind! It is obvious that Aaron knows his job well, as he was able to answer all my questions and concerns in easy to understand explanations. They returned to my house to install a tankless water heater a few days later. It was a seamless process! I was very pleased with this transaction from beginning to end! Well done!

Ball GroundGA30107 34.27-84.285

Map of Ball Ground, GA 30107

Will not recommend

Review of My Georgia Plumber

Came out for an estimate. Estimate was way too high for the job. Charged me $149.95 for the estimate. Never disclosed at initial call what they would charge to come out and give estimate. This may be the going rate, but should have disclosed when I called.

Ball GroundGA30107 34.3175-84.2675

Map of Ball Ground, GA 30107

Great Service!

Review of My Georgia Plumber

Was very efficient and helped with all my plumbing needs I had.

Ball GroundGA30107 34.3325-84.3875

Map of Ball Ground, GA 30107

Great service

Review of My Georgia Plumber

I had to connect a new gas stove I sent them an email they responded immediately. The next day they were here. They are not cheap but are quick to respond. They were here the next day. The Technician Robert was very professional and friendly and knowledgeable since it was my first time ever having a gas stove he gave me alot of useful tips. They may not be the cheapest but at least we know they will guarantee their work and sometimes that piece of mind is better than the cost. Thanks Robert for all your useful tips.

Ball GroundGA30107 34.295-84.24

Christopher  N.

Christopher N.

Customer stated- loud whistle noise when tankless fires and runs Technician notes- called Navien and tech support stated it is a gas to air ratio problem Resolution- will need to return out with a Manometer to properly adjust.

Near Hightower Lake Trail, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

Customer stated washpot showed up on Main level ceiling below guest bathroom. Technician notes after inspecting a determined that the tub shower in the upstairs guest bathroom was directly above the water spots and found that the seal that was around the tub spout has been broken, and the showerhead hose was leaking directly onto the tub spout. Resolution before cutting a hole into the ceiling, I recommended to seal up the tub spout to see if this issue is corrected. The homeowner is going to seal around the tub spouts. As for the banging noise, I found that it was coming from the tub, spout, being diverted to the shower, and not changing back to the tub spout when the water was turned off the banging noise with the water, forcing it’s way past the tub spout Job status complete Authorization submit online for flat rate Authorization status sealant issue Estimate notes no further estimate at this time

Near Holly Trace Ln, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

Provide and install a tankless in place of existing water heater. We will remove the existing items and haul away. My Georgia Plumber will supply all the required hardware for a complete install. The location for the tankless will be required to have an outlet within 10' for properly electrical supply. Please Note: A tankless is not an insta hot. It is continuous hot water, once the hot water reaches the fixture it will remain hot. A tankless water heater does have delays in hot water getting to fixtures, if you are interested in quicker hot water discuss with your Technician about an internal recirculation system. DISCLAIMER: Please note that any unforeseen issues found during the completion of these repairs will result in additional charges based on the findings. Customer stated: they had a leaking water heater. Technician notes: today we were out to replace two 40 gallon natural gas water heaters with a Navien tankless water heater. After installing the Navien water heater w

Near Hightower Lake Trail, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

AHS Code/permit/modification items not covered by your home warranty contract. Any questions or concerns on coverage please contact your Home Warranty Company. Installed 50 gallon natural gas power vent water heater in the basement utility room. Tested for proper function and leaks. Job Status: Complete.

Near Grandview Dr, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

Customer stated: they had a leaking water heater. Technician notes: upon arrival I found the water heater had an internal leak. The home owner had two 40 gallon natural gas water heaters that were 23 years old. After presenting the home owner with her options The home owner wanted to go with the tankless option and payed via green sky. For the tankless we would install it in the basement. While inspecting the water heaters I found that there thermal expansion had failed. The water pressure today was at 70 psi. Resolution: we will be removing both 40 gallon water heaters and replacing it with a tankless and would like to be put on the schedule for Friday. She has a morning appointment and won’t arrive until 10:00 am. Job status complete Authorize sold estimate via green sky Please forward sold estimate only for home owners copy.

Near Hightower Lake Trail, Ball Ground, GA 30107

CUSTOMER STATED: water heater has started leaking and there is water on the pan. TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today to diagnose issue and found that the water heater is leaking, the leak seems to be coming from the bottom of water heater I found no other area the leak could be coming from. RESOLUTION: office submitting to ahs non traditional water heater MGPNOTES: JOBSTATUS: ESTIMATES: AUTHO:

Near Grandview Dr, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

Customer stated he had a leak in the master bathroom shower Technician notes after inspecting the master bathroom shower the home owners stated the water was puddling up in the left corner of the shower and the grout had a crack in it. While on-site the homeowner wanted us to test if the pressure I found the expansion tank was faulty and the whole home pressure was regulating from 108 psi to 40 psi when a kitchen faucet was turned on. Home was built in 2015. Resolution: I informed the home owner that my Georgia plumber does not do repairs for cracked grout only drain and water related.

Near John Mason Ct, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Robert D.

Robert D.

Called out for no flow through home on the hot side. Found ~17yr old water heater heat traps had failed causing the inlet and outlet ports to be clogged. Removed failed components and reconnected plumbing. Water is on and tested with no further issues at this time. Will put together estimates for water heater replacement and get sent to home owner.

Near Amaranth Ct, Ball Ground, GA 30107

CUSTOMER STATED: water company came out to find out that home owner had high pressure throughout her water system. TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out to diagnose issue of today and found that the pressure was at 185, that goes to show that the pressure regulating valve has failed and will need to be replaced, also noticed the temperature and pressure valve had gone bad due to pressure and will need to be replaced to avoid further water leaking out from relief line. RESOLUTION: Replaced the pressure regulating valve and found no further issue of pressure, pressure as of today is at 60 and is in code to avoid damage in fixtures. Temperature and pressure relieve Valve was also replaced and we don’t have water leaking from relief anymore. MGPNOTES: JOBSTATUS: Complete ESTIMATES: send complimentary estimates AUTHO: Pressure regulating valve has failed causing the home to have a spike in pressure in each fixture to address issue we will need to replace the prv, and that will bring pressu

Near Reinhardt Ln, Ball Ground, GA 30107

Customer stated: she had a blockage in her master bathroom. Technician notes: presented estimate to clear blockage to customer, she decided that she did not want the services performed today. Job status: complete Estimate: no further needed

Near Taylor Leigh Ct, Ball Ground, GA 30107

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