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James T.
James T. Checked in
Customer was not home at time of appointment. We waited 15 minutes and called and message multiple times with no answer. 4/22/24. James The tenants complaint is that they saw water leaking in through the kitchen ceiling where previous repair was made But they only saw it 1 time We found no signs of a leak We tested the master bathroom shower and toilet and found no leaks No active leaks at time of visit Job completed No estimates are needed
Decatur, GA 30035 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: washer box leaks TECHNICIAN NOTES; will need to send in estimates for washer box replacement located in basement of home , will need to cut drywall to gain access and replace washer box with copper and pvc for drainage RESOLUTION: no autho received service manager will have to review estimates in order to get autho Jamal mentioned he would like pricing adjusted.
Decatur, GA 30034 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: low water pressure in tub TECHNICIAN NOTES; came out today for diagnosis found prv is failing will need to submit for autho due to work needed being extensive. RESOLUTION: as of today will need to get estimates reviewed Jamal asked for them to be reviewed due to cost and have them sent over it is a 25aub which can not be spun off and will need to be cut out. Sean also mentioned bridge homes doesn’t allow shark bites, JOBSTATUS; estimates need review by Katrina or someone jamal asked for a lower price
Decatur, GA 30034
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Reattached stainless steel under mount kitchen sink. Removed existing wood braces that were cracked and failing. Disconnected sink, cleaned, and reattached used adhesive. Also installed new wooden braces to help secure sink. Advised tenant to NOT use sink for 24hrs to allow adhesive to dry and cure.
Decatur, GA 30034 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: kitchen faucet is leaking around the base. TECHNICIAN NOTES: found kitchen faucet dripping from handle. The cartridge is bad and causing water to leak from the handle. Attempted to remove Allen key to identify the cartridge. How ever the Allen key is completely stripped out and unable to be removed. Kitchen faucet needs to be replaced RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: replace kitchen faucet JOB NOTES: customer does not have a preference of kitchen faucet besides the brush nickel finish. The current one is a touch sensor but they do not want a touch sensor in the new one. Customer wants to wait to proceed with the replacement and try to argue the coverage with ahs. Ould not get pressure reading due to condo with no main in the unit JOB STATUS: NOTCOMPLETE (RETURN TRIP NEEDED?) PARTS: brush nickel single handle pulldown sprayer faucet. Preferably gooseneck ESTIMATES: (READY TO SEND
Decatur, GA 30033
Mike D.
Mike D. Checked in
DO NOT GO job notes : Dispatched and arrived to job to get with Katrina and mike on work performed yesterday to clear exterior main line clog from the exterior clean out located near the home. After dropping head of clog, I have properly inspected system by performing a sewer slope using camera and found no further issues with repairs made recently or with the original cast iron piping near the street. CUSTOMER STATED : Home is backed up again. TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out to the residence today for the concern of the whole home backing up from the basement toilet. We came out 2 weeks ago to jet exterior piping. Upon arrival, nearest clean out to the home was full of water indicating a exterior blockage towards the street. RESOLUTION : Ran sewer machine through 2 way clean out and cleared main line blockage outside. After clearing blockage, I have throughly inspected line to the street and found no concerns that may cause issues in the near future. All bathrooms and kitchen c
Decatur, GA 30034 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED : Would like an estimate to turn a jack & Jill bathroom into 2 superset full bathrooms. TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for a free visit to provide the customer estimate remodel their jack and Jill bathroom upstairs into 2 Separate full bathrooms. Upon arrival, homeowner had blueprints of measurements from the ideas he has for the bathrooms. Customer would like for us to move/add all plumbing for a second full bathroom that will have a walk in fiber glass shower, toilet, and single lavatory sink by going through subfloor upstairs. Customer is looking to supply walk in shower unit, shower valve/trim kit, toilet, bathroom faucets, and 2 separate vanities but only wants us to install walk in shower shower, shower valve/trim kit, and toilet. Customer has requested that we send estimates for both floor plans. Customer is looking to demo and structure 2 separate bathrooms himself based off floor plans/ measurements he has provided. RESOLUTION : No repai
Decatur, GA 30030
. Checked in
Plumbing Installation: Upgrading a residential kitchen with a modern sink faucet, we removed the old fixture and installed the new one with precision. Aligning the faucet properly with the sink basin, we secured the connections and verified smooth operation, providing the homeowner with enhanced convenience and aesthetics in their kitchen space.
Decatur, GA 30030 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED : Kitchen sink is clogged TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for the concern of the kitchen sink being clogged. Crawlspace underneath has been remodeled, however kitchen sink drain has a cast iron riser that goes through sub floor. RESOLUTION : Ran sewer machine through kitchen sink drain on main level and cleared obstruction within drain line. After running sewer machine, we have filled kitchen sink up and drained water to properly test. At this point in time kitchen sink is draining properly. If problems continue to occur in the future, I recommend pulling a new 2 inch line through the kitchen sink cabinet to abandon the existing cast iron / lead. JOB NOTES : Clean out located on right side of driveway. Please bill resipro for invoice amount. JOB STATUS : Job complete
Decatur, GA 30035 Checked in
Customer states after work was done on the 20th yesterday morning they had brown colored water come out bathtub. She also stated that the water does not stay hot as long. Tested hall bathroom tub and faucet and kitchen faucet simultaneously for 20 minutes which was running approximately 5 gallons a minute. And the heater started to dilute aroun 15 minutes into running the water. I detected no issues with the heater at all besides the brown colored water. The heater likely needs to be flushed but due to the age of the heater we can not flush the heater. Job is completed.
Decatur, GA 30035
Very impressed with the service provided.
Andy - Decatur, GA 30032

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