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My Georgia Plumber is a trusted plumbing service company that has been serving the Hampton, GA area for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas lines, bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing and remodeling services. We are dedicated to providing our Hampton customers with the highest quality of service possible, and we believe that our experience and reputation speak for themselves. If you are in need of a plumber, please give us a call today!

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Technician notes: upon inspection found water to hall bathroom toilet was turned off, found electric water heater located in the garage, upon arrival water heater was receiving no power, located breaker panel on garage wall and found breaker not turning on for water heater, upon inspection of water heater found that it is also leaking internally from the bottom element panel. Recommend: in my opinion before plumbing work can be completed a electrician needs to come out and check wiring and breaker panel, after that is completed I recommend replacing the electric water heater and code required items. MGP notes: please let Resipro know that a electrician is recommended before water heater replacement. Job status: waiting for approval Estimates: please forward to customer

Near Shannon Cir, Hampton, GA 30228

CUSTOMER STATED:upstairs toilet is not flushing TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis while out today I found upstairs hallway w/c is bubbling which shows we have a line issue , as of today I ran a plunger and auger with no luck pulled toilet to make sure we have a issue and found water would drain but fill back up this could be possible back fall or fitting issue unsure will need to come back with camera RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: will need to come back with camera today for further scope of work. Could not locate clean out and dropped gauge cannot check pressure today please check pressure JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: need to come back with camera ) PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: (AUTHO CODE OR WHO YOU SPOKE TO) ESTIMATES: (READY TO SEND OR NEED REVIEW)

Near Birdsong Ln, Hampton, GA 30228
Christine J.

Christine J.

Upon arrival customer complaint of leaking tubular piping underneath kitchen sink. Unable to recreate leak, tightened poly nuts as courtesy and tested thoroughly. No further work preformed or required, job complete.

Near Millstone Dr, Hampton, GA 30228
James T.

James T.

The tenants complaint is that they are seeing a lot of water on the ground at the back right corner of the house and the water is flowing into the neighbors yard We found that the ground is very muddy at the back right corner of the home and the water is flowing into the neighbors yard We checked the meter and found it has been spun on its side and the curb stop is chewed up and is frozen and will not move We attempted to turn the curb stop off and when try to turn it off the entire meter and stop started spinning back over but the curb stop did not turn to stop the water We did find the leak it is in the crawl space and it is leaking from a previous repair and the previous repair was not a proper repair I called the Hampton city public works and they said they are going to try and get a crew out here in 15min the city did get the curb stop off and readjusted the meter so it is sitting correctly We made the pipe repair to the main water line in the crawl space We managed to ge

Near Caldwell Dr, Hampton, GA 30228
James T.

James T.

CUSTOMER STATED: Tenants complaint is they are seeing water leak in the kitchen ceiling TECHNICIAN NOTES: We found there is a stain in the kitchen ceiling We looked at the guest bathroom and found that the grout in the shower is cracked in several spots and the trim for the diverter handle was half an inch from the wall RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: We tightened the trim so it is against the wall They need to have the tile regrouted JOB NOTES: Could not find the clean out JOB STATUS: COMPLETE/NOTCOMPLETE (RETURN TRIP NEEDED?) Job completed

Near Panhandle Way, Hampton, GA 30228

Upon inspection, we found a leak in the hall bathroom wall above the shower. Specifically, the shower arm was leaking where it connects to the drop ear. We noticed that there was no tape or dope on the shower arm. To resolve this issue, we applied tape and dope to both sides of the shower arm and reinstalled the arm and shower head. We conducted several tests and confirmed that there were no more leaks. However, please keep in mind that there is severe mold and water damage to the bathroom wall, which will require repair. Please note that the pressure was not tested today as the hose bib is located in the backyard with multiple dogs present. Additionally, there is no exterior cleanout. The job is now complete. Please bill accordingly.

Near Porter Cir, Hampton, GA 30228

- Upon inspection, we found that the master bathroom toilet was clogged, while nothing else in the house was affected. - We used an auger to clear the soft blockage in the master bathroom toilet. - Please note that the job is complete and you will be billed accordingly.

Near Bonnie Glen Ln, Hampton, GA 30228
Christine J.

Christine J.

Customer stated: The toilet on the main floor master bathroom was not flushing and was backing up and over flowing. Technician notes: We assessed the issue and found the toilet backed up. Resolution: We used drain clearing tools to unclog the toilet. We flushed the toilet with tissue 5 times with no backup. The toilet is a low flow toilet so it has a poor flush. Job: complete

Near Bonnie Glen Ln, Hampton, GA 30228

CUSTOMER STATED : There may be a leak underneath the flooring again TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for the concern of there being a possible leak under the flooring again. When I arrived the tenant was not home but gave us a code to get inside the home. While diagnosing, I found there to be no signs of a plumbing failure. The laminate flooring near the front door is buckled but it it is not plumbing related. Although the flooring is buckled, it is completely dry. RESOLUTION : No work completed today. Not a plumbing failure. JOB NOTES : Not a plumbing related issue. Please bill resipro for service call in invoice. Job complete

Near Caldwell Dr, Hampton, GA 30228
James T.

James T.

CUSTOMER STATED:the tenants complaint is that the guest bathroom toilet takes a while to refill the tank TECHNICIAN NOTES: I found that there was no mechanical failure with the guest bathroom toilet the fill valve was operating as it should the flapper is operating as it should I did find that the pinch valve on the fill tube going into the flush valve was at full flow I adjusted it to half flow and tested the toilet the tank filled within 15 sec and the toilet flushed with no issue

Near Windpher Ridge, Hampton, GA 30228

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