Plumber Holly Springs GA

Plumber Holly Springs GA

Reliable & Expert Plumbing Services in Holly Springs

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager in Holly Springs, you know how vitally important your plumbing is to daily life. When everything works, everything works. But if even one fixture in your plumbing system stops working, it disrupts every aspect of your daily function and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

That's where My Georgia Plumber comes in. We are licensed and insured and have over 30 years of experience serving Holly Springs homes and businesses with high-quality, long-term solutions to every plumbing problem you can think of. We've seen it all, we've done it all and we're ready and able to do it for you, too! 

Plumbing Services for Holly Springs Homes & Businesses

When you need a plumber in Holly Springs, there is no better company to call than My Georgia Plumber. We have been serving the needs of our customers for over 30 years and can handle any job from fixing leaks under sinks all the way up to installing new water heaters!

Below are just a few of the services we can provide:

When You Should Call My Georgia Plumber

Even a seemingly minor plumbing issue can quickly turn into a major problem, so don't hesitate to call us as soon as you notice something is amiss with your plumbing. Here are some common signs it's time to call a plumber in Holly Springs:

  • Your water isn't flowing as well as it normally does.
  • You notice water pooling around a fixture or pipe.
  • Your carpets have inexplicable damp spots.
  • Blisters are forming under the paint on your walls.
  • Drains frequently clog or are slow to drain.
  • You smell mildew or notice mold growth.
  • Your hot water is orange with rust.
  • Your showers are going cold when they shouldn't.

If you've noticed any of these signs of plumbing problems in your home or business, don't hesitate to contact My Georgia Plumber. We'll assess your situation and make a professional recommendation for the best course of action to solve the problem.

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Holly Springs, GA

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Job Locations and Reviews Checked in
**ANNUAL WATER HEATER FLUSH** Technician notes: I was out today to preform annual water heater flush. This water heater is a 5 year old Rheem Ruud electric, and is located in the garage. It is a 65 gallon, everything is up to code, and water heater is working properly. The h/o also wanted a estimate to possibly shorten or relocate the outside gas line for their grill. Job Notes:**Please charge the CC in pictures for a 50% deposit for todays sold estimate** Job status: Complete Estimates: Ready to be sent, customer would prefer Friday morning. 5/10/24 This is a service estimate to relocate gas line from current location to outside back wall for the existing gas grill This will require cutting through for access behind existing gas line. This does not include any extra work that needs to be done to relocate piping or access Remove gas line tested and everything is good job is complete
Holly Springs, GA 30114 Checked in
CM 05/03/2024 Customer stated: they had a toilet not filling up. Tech notes: called out today to look at a toilet not filling. While on site I found the toilet was original to the home and had the same internals. The issue with the toilet was the fill valve and flapper. The fill valve was producing the volume while the flapper was letting water through. Resolution: replaced fill valve and flapper to find everything functioning properly as should. Job status complete. Job notes: could not locate clean out. This estimate is to replace the fill valve and flapper inside the hall bathroom toilet. The fill valve is causing the tank to not fill up quickly and the flapper is falling apart as I touch it.
Holly Springs, GA 30115 Checked in
CM 04/25/2024 Customer stated: they wanted their water heater flushed and they were having an issue with the garden tub. Tech notes: called out today to look at a garden tub not getting hot water. While on site home owner had explained that he had tried to take the handle off the garden tub and ended up breaking the chrome moen handle and black cartridge sleeve with it. The reason the home owner isn’t getting hot water is due to a failed mixing valve. The hot side of the garden tub is connected through the mixing and with a failed fill valve causes the bathtub to get no hot water. Resolution: we will need to replace the mixing valve, cartridge sleeve, and moen garden tub handle. All is located in master bathroom. Completed water heater flush to find no sediment built up in the tank. Job status not complete. Job notes: could not check pressure lost pressure gauge. CJ wants this job once signed off. Estimates: please email estimate to home owner.
Holly Springs, GA 30115 Checked in
Customer called because the moment they tried to use the yard hydrant it stopped working and water started to come up from the ground like it was before previous repair was main. Dug up yard hydrant and found the plastic male adapter that was use to repair it previously had completely snapped off inside the female of the hydrant. Removed the treads out of the female and reattached with a bras PEX male and connect to pvc pipe with a 1x3/4 male adapter and a brass PEX female adapter. Put concrete around base of the hydrant to insure it is sturdy and does not break again. The cause of the second break was due to how stiff the handle of the hydrant is. This put excess force on the plastic threads causing them to break. After pressurizing and testing the system left water off at the meter due to the property being vacant. Informed property owner of this. Job is completed No charge to customer due to this being a proper recall
Holly Springs, GA 30115 Checked in
Customer stated the hose bib in the backyard was broken Upon further inspection, found that the vacuum breaker had broken off at the threads on the hose bib hose bib is still in good working condition Gave customer price to replace the vacuum breaker on the back house bib Customer declined at this time Customer also renewed their membership today Job is complete Estimate ready to send
Holly Springs, GA 30188
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Called out for annual whole home plumbing inspection. Performed inspection, no current issue or concerns at this time.
Holly Springs, GA 30115
David C.
David C. Checked in
This is a complimentary estimate to rebuild the existing year hydrant. This will involve removing from existing concrete base and replacing damaged components. and then reinstalling. PLEASE NOTE: This is the best case scenario, there are times when the yard hydrant can not be removed from it's concrete base and additional repairs/replacement will need to occur. The on-site technician performing the work will be able to advise you of any changes. 4/3/24 Technician notes: out today to fix a leak on a yard hydrant. Upon inspection, the leak was coming from the bottom of the yard hydrant where is connects to the PVC. Will need to cut pvc and glue on new MIP Resolution: cut the pvc and glued on a 1x3/4 pvc MIP. Teflon’d and pipe dope the yard hydrant and reinstalled. Turned water back on at the meter and Checked and tested for leaks. Everything is working as it should at this time. Job status: complete Job Notes: customer paid with check #283 Estimates: no further needed
Holly Springs, GA 30115 Checked in
Customer stated yard hydrant is leaking Found yard hydrant leaking under ground. Attempted to dig up to the connection but was only able to dig up about half a food due to space restrictions of the ramp. Could not get pressure picture due to yard hydrant being only outside bib and it has a leak so pressure is not accurate Need to either rebuild or replace yard hydrant. Need to build estimates with Dan this afternoon
Holly Springs, GA 30115
. Checked in
Water Softener System Maintenance: Upon inspection of the water softener system, we identified a malfunctioning timer mechanism impacting the regeneration process. We replaced the faulty timer with a reliable replacement, recalibrated the system settings, and conducted extensive testing to ensure consistent water softening performance and prevent mineral buildup in the client's plumbing fixtures.
Holly Springs, GA 30115
. Checked in
Sewer Line Repairs: Following an inspection of the sewer line, we identified stubborn blockages caused by the accumulation of grease, sediment, and debris. Employing powerful hydro-jetting equipment, we meticulously cleared the line, thoroughly flushing out contaminants and restoring optimal flow capacity to the sewer system.
Holly Springs, GA 30115
Awesome service as usual! I was able to get a next day appointment and they were right on time. Santos was very professional, knowledgeable, and nice! They did a great job in a quick amount of time.
Laura - Holly Springs, GA 30188
Mike and his team did a great job and provided the information I needed about tapping into the sewer system.
Dianne - Holly Springs, GA 30115
They are always quick to come out, reliable, professional, friendly, and fair! I can’t recommend them enough!
Cathy - Holly Springs, GA 30188
He worked through several scenarios until he was certain of exactly what the problem was and then set about making the repairs quickly and thoroughly. I appreciated his professionalism
Judy - Holly Springs, GA 30115
Response from My Georgia Plumber:

Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.

Mr. Turner did a fantastic job. On time, polite knew what he was doing. Great job. Linda
Linda - Holly Springs, GA 30114
Jesus was precise in the job, and Knowles angle to let me know everything about the system. I really appreciate the job he did
Michael - Holly Springs, GA 30115
Made me happy that I am a member.
Michael - Holly Springs, GA 30115
Fast and efficient!
Mike - Holly Springs, GA 30115
James service was excellent.
Linda - Holly Springs, GA 30114
Home owner
Greg - Holly Springs, GA 30115

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