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We are My Georgia Plumber and we have served homes and businesses in Sandy Springs, GA for over 30 years. At our plumbing service company, we offer a wide range of services that include drain and sewer services, water heater services, gas line installation and repair, plumbing services for bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms and remodeling services. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we have a plumber that can help. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair service for those times when you need us the most. So if you are in need of a plumber in Sandy Springs, be sure to give us a call. We would be happy to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

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CM 04/17/2024 Customer stated: they wanted their water heater flushed. Tech notes: calle don’t today to perform a water heater flush. While on site I found the water heater in the utility closet in the basement is a tankless. I gathered all my tools and cut the unit it off to perform the flush. Resolution: completed water heater flush and found no sediment build up inside the unit. Job status complete. Job notes: could not locate clean out. PLEASE BILL OUT CC FROM PINNED NOTES.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Checked in
Service estimate to snake master bathroom garden tub and flush tankless water heater Inspected house Master bathroom faucets shower and toilet are working perfectly and in good condition. Garden tub however is clogged. Hall bathroom faucets shower and toilet are all working properly with no issues Guest bathroom toilet shower and lavitory faucet are all in good condition and working properly Checked all 3 hose bibs to find no issues with them Could not locate outside clean out so I built estimate to perform sewer inspection to locate one. The washer box has a gate valve built estimate to update to quarter turn valves to insure they work in case of a leak. Water heater is a navian that is 2 years old. Heater is due to be flushed. Built estimate to unclog toilet and flush tankless however we do not have a tankless flush kit with us today. Customer signed off on the flush and bathroom drain clearing and wants to schedule the tankless flush. Cleared bathroom drain and tested.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Chandler  D.
Chandler D. Checked in
Customers, kitchen faucet was not working due to the batteries being disconnected due to the battery pack not being properly mounted. Customer chose to mounted themselves rather than mounted to the cabinet.. Technician that the customers water bill was about $100 more than it normally is, technician checked all the faucets and appliances, and found that there was only one toilet visible leaking, but that does not mean that the other toilets are not leaking as well just shows that it is not visible to the eye. Due to the toilets, 18 years old technician highly recommends the replacement of all toilets with custom required options as preventative maintenance.
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
David C.
David C. Checked in
This is a complimentary estimate for My Georgia Plumber to provide and install 3 new toilets. We will ensure proper installation and function of the new toilets and haul away the old toilets. This special includes all parts required for a new installation but not include discovered damages to the shut off valve or closet bolt flange. Should the technician discover damages they will inform you of the issue and provide an onsite estimate for repair prior to installing the new toilet. 3/8/24 technician notes: removed and replaced down stairs bathroom toilet and upstairs hall bathroom toilet. Removed master bathroom toilet and found that tile has shifted over time and is now sitting to high to properly install new toilet, customer is going to have this problem fixed and will call us back to install final toilet. MGP notes: customer will call us back after tile is fixed to install final toilet. Job status: not complete, will need to return after tile is repaired. 4/19/24 technician
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Santos Q.
Santos Q. Checked in
Estimate to replace kitchen faucet customer shutoff for kitchen sink is not turned off complete to replace we need turn off the water for this building because she not have shutoff for this building
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Chandler  D.
Chandler D. Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: customer got a recall on ahs TECHNICIAN NOTES: technician submitted the same info to ahs and got proof about the diagnoses on return trip RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: will need to completely replace the unit on a return trip to resolve the issue with all code relayed items and permits. 40 gallon electric water heater located on third floor with no e.evator, will need two men. JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: not complete PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: 721hema ESTIMATES: need coved costs added to estimate Technician notes 3/20/24: drained, disconnected and removed existing water heater and all code required items. Installed new 40 gallon electric rheem water heater and all code required items. Refilled and tested water heater, all is working properly at this time. MGP notes: please bill accordingly , no pressure due to 3rd floor apartment. Job status: complete Estimates: no further ne
Sandy Springs, GA 30350 Checked in
TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for commercial property maintenance cleaning of main drain lines as of today we ran our jetter from rear bathroom water feed line was used from washer box area in break room and functioned properly without concerns ran jetter also from the front bathroom of location aswell. Reinstalled both toilets with new wax rings found front toilet has a crack on right side of flange and will recommend to replace and send estimate over JOBSTATUS: complete AUTHO: please bill Accordingly not sure how to bill to dentist building
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Estimate to replace customers hose bib JOB NOT COMPLETED: Damaged copper water line and hose bibb have been cut out and removed. Installed new 1/2” shut off valve and capped line off for interior and exterior wall to be repaired. Once repairs are done we can schedule a return trip to pipe in a new hose bibb
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Chandler  D.
Chandler D. Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: garbage disposal will not turn on, and the hot water is not staying hot for more 10 or 15 minutes TECHNICIAN NOTES: technician found that the 2005 general electric water heater 40 gallon is not producing enough hot water due to the age of the unit and that there was a internal leak on the elements at one point in time. Garbage disposal was jammed beyond repair RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: technician was able to replace the customers garbage disposal to resolve the issue and we will need to completely replace the customers water heater and bring it up to today’s standard codes to resolve the water heater issue. JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: not complete PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: technician will submit online with Katrina ESTIMATES: (not ready.
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
. Checked in
Urinal Repair Service: In response to a commercial client's report of a malfunctioning urinal, our expert technicians swiftly addressed the issue, identifying a faulty valve and sensor as the culprits. The repair involved the prompt replacement of the malfunctioning components to restore proper functionality. A meticulous examination of the entire urinal system was conducted to ensure its optimal performance. The service not only resolved the immediate issue but also provided the client with a reliable and efficiently operating urinal, contributing to a well-maintained and hygienic commercial restroom facility.
Sandy Springs, GA 30327
Excellent service!
Michael - Sandy Springs, GA 30350
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Definitely not happy, this was a wasted payment. Should it been done the right way on Wednesday I wouldn’t have needed anyone to come back out three d
Jeanine - Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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