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Personalized Plumbing Services for All Your Residential and Commercial Needs

As a family-owned business, we are proud to offer both residential and commercial plumbing services to our Waleska, GA community. Our company has the experience to handle all your plumbing issues, whether they are minor or complex. Whether you are looking for routine plumbing maintenance or an entire system installation, our Waleska plumbers can assist you.

Give our Waleska plumbing team a call at  770-268-2331  today! We proudly offer same-day appointment availability as well as round-the-clock emergency services.

Residential Plumbing Services

With over 30 years of experience, we offer a wide range of plumbing services for all your residential needs. We have the skillset and training to diagnose your issue, fix it, and then create a plan to ensure this solution lasts.

We cover the following residential plumbing services:

  • Water heater repair and maintenance
  • Water heater installation and replacement
  • 24-hour emergency plumbing
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Laundry plumbing
  • Water line repair and replacement
  • Sewer and drain services
  • Gas line repair and installation
  • Remodeling
  • Basement plumbing
  • Sump pumps
  • Outdoor plumbing

Services for Commercial Properties

At My Georgia Plumber, we know you care immensely for your business. A business plumbing emergency can be expensive and risky if not handled promptly, especially when you need to look out for your customers and employees. Our Waleska plumbing team understands the importance of being able to fix a plumbing emergency right away. We can help you handle everything from a clogged drain to a backed-up sewer line, and everything in between.

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Waleska, GA

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 6 customer reviews

Job Locations and Reviews Checked in
This is a complimentary estimate to have the existing washing machine box for the hot/cold lines replaced to help fix/prevent any future plumbing issues. This is a complimentary estimate to have the existing failed thermal expansion tank located in the basement of home replaced with brand new tank to help fix/prevent any future plumbing issues. Customer Stated: They wanted a quote to have the existing washing machine box replaced. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this washing machine box was located on the main level of home, and had heavy corrosion inside hot/cold valves. I recommended to the h/o that they have this replaced. While on site I found that the thermal expansion tank for the water heater was full of water, and has failed. I presented options to have both of these replaced through service for todays visit, and the h/o elected to move forward with replacements. Resolution: I was able to successfully remove, and replace the washing machine box along with the t
Waleska, GA 30183 Checked in
Customer stated: they had a leak in the garage. Tech notes: called out today to look at a leak in the garage. While on site I found that the leak in the garage was coming from a half inch gate valve. Resolution: I cut out gate valve and put in new half inch ball valve. Job status complete. Jove notes: both hose bibs are pre prv. Estimates: This estimate is to repair a pin hole leak on on a gate vavlwv. We will be removing the gate valve and installing a section of pipe instead.
Waleska, GA 30183
Chandler  D.
Chandler D. Checked in
Flushed out customers, water heater as part as home care club package
Waleska, GA 30183 Checked in
Service estimate to run sewage machine down already pulled toilet to attempt to clear blockage. If blockage is unable to be cleared with the machine then the line will need to be jetted. Main line stoppage in house. House is being remodeled and is currently vacant. Toilet in hall bathroom already pulled and was filled up to top of flange. Ran sewer machine down all the way and did not hit anything. Went into walk in crawl space and opened up cleanout and ran machine down 70 feet and hit tree roots. Could not get past the tree roots. Informed homeowner that the line needs to be jetted to clear the tree roots. Customer signed off on the estimate under the impression that a portion of today's payment will be applied to the jetter estimate.
Waleska, GA 30183
Santos Q.
Santos Q. Checked in
Estimate to clear kitchen clog tested and everything is good job is complete
Waleska, GA 30183
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Called out for on site assessment for SpringWell whole home filtration system. Whole home main water line is in unfinished storage room in finished basement. Will put together estimate for installation of home owner supplied filtration system with bypass.
Waleska, GA 30183
Santos Q.
Santos Q. Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: pressure TECHNICIAN NOTES: pressure valve is making noise Replace pressure regulator valve because is making noise in the house when customer turn water on ahs is cover the pressure regulator valve customer agreed to replace pressure regulator valve customer agreed to pay $167.37 Estimate to replace pressure regulator valve
Waleska, GA 30183
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
3/4/24 Preston B. Job notes : Out today for a sold estimate to make a repair on exterior sewer line break coming from a corrugated pipe near the driveway of the home. With there being better weather conditions today we were able to properly find and identify the customers concerns. Their lift station line transitions to black corrugated piping under the driveway. Corrugated pipe has broken under driveway as well and cannot be mimirly repaired. After discussing options with the customer, they feel like it would be best to replace the existing sewer line for the exterior lift station going to the city tap. Customer is unable to use any facilities inside of the home at this point in time since we had to cut through the corrugated to properly diagnose issues. Customer is going to be staying in a hotel while he has to wait to be out on the schedule. Customer is also hoping we can return sometime this week to make the needed repairs. Per Dan we will return this week on Friday. RESOLU
Waleska, GA 30183 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: Leaking faucet in kitchen TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out today for the concerns with the kitchen faucet leaking from the handle. After discussing options with customer, they are going to purchase faucet. AHS has authorized 380 for the labor to replace kitchen faucet. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: No repairs made today. Customer will need to get his new faucet and will contact us for scheduling when he has the new faucet on hand. JOB NOTES: Need to schedule customer once they retrieve their preferred faucet. JOB STATUS: NOT COMPLETE AUTHO: Transfer vendor dispatch ID # 307401248 - 380AJLI ESTIMATES: no further needed
Waleska, GA 30183
Santos Q.
Santos Q. Checked in
This is an estimate to perform some exploratory digging to locate the exact location/source of the leak. Based on where the water is presenting we would excavate strategically from the isolation valve uphill toward the road. There is a high likelihood that the force main and water line are sharing the same trench which should provide solid direction/location as to where to dig. Once the source is located and those specifics available the on-site technician should be able to provide you estimates and options for repair/replacement, with monies being applied from the previously completed work where applicable Dig up and find 2 inch franco coupling is leaking cut short section tested and everything is good job is complete customer pay balance with same credit card
Waleska, GA 30183
Excellent work, work ethics. We definitely have more plumbing projects.👍👍
Shannon - Waleska, GA 30183
Aaron is top class. Great guy very easy to work with. Went out of his way to work with us and educate me. He even helped plan our future projects. Semper Fi
Evan - Waleska, GA 30183
He was very nice. I was a little shocked on price for installation.
Angela - Waleska, GA 30183
Good experience
Judth - Waleska, GA 30183
Great Service!
Kristine - Waleska, GA 30183
Santos was right on time and partnered with us to figure out what was happening. He was quick to deliver a comprehensive plan to fix it.
Laurie - Waleska, GA 30183

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