Why Does Everyone Love Natural Gas Grills

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The Difference Between Natural Gas And Propane

We are using the term natural gas to distinguish it from propane gas which is for entirely different grills. Some propane grills have converter kits so you can use your natural gas stub-out and leave those canisters behind, but it is not safe to convert it yourself. It is always recommended to use one supplied by the manufacturing company for your specific grill.

Natural gas is the same gas you have for your water heater and probably a gas stove, furnace, or fireplace in your house. It is provided as a utility so if you aren’t currently using it you will set that up first. If you have a natural gas line that goes outside to be used for pool heating or grilling, you will see a capped “stub out” protruding from an exterior wall.

Convenient & Available

In most cases, gas lines are installed below ground making them less prone to disruption of supply. You can enjoy the benefits of gas energy in your home even when there’s a storm or blackout. It’s convenient such that you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or exchanging empty gas cylinders for refills.


Natural gas is efficient when you’re cooking, running your gas appliances, and heating your home. It provides direct heat ideal for using both indoors and outdoors. It actually produces more heat than other sources.

You are able to control cooking temperatures more precisely when using a gas stove. It also doesn’t hold latent heat after turning the burner off as the electric coil does. It provides an even flame as well.

The equipment and appliances that run on natural gas consume less energy than electric ones. These include water heaters, furnace, dyers, and laundry


Installing natural gas in your property is a much better option than electricity. Appliances in your home that run on natural gas use less money to operate making your utility bills lower.

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas burns very clean, unlike charcoal or butane. Some fuel alternatives also emit Sulphur and nitrogen in the air thus making them unsafe and unfriendly for your home. Natural gas releases less CO2 emissions into the air and makes it easier for you to breathe.


Whether in your back yard or indoors, natural gas heating system ensures that your daily activities are not interrupted. With many uses for gas lines around your home, you can install gas torches which can be part of the décor, and a pool heater as well.

Saves You Times & Resources

When you are hosting a party or a group of friends, the rooftop or backyard would be the ideal place to relax. Your fire pit creates a beautiful ambiance however, if it’s not connected to natural gas you will have to keep adding wood.

This is time-consuming and energy-draining. To save you money from buying wood, install the natural gas line which will be consistent and you can enjoy the evening.

You’re Prepared for Winter

The demand for natural gas is highest in winter when you need your home warm and well heated. The natural gas connection makes you feel comfortable during those chilly days. You can enjoy sitting by your fireplace, reading a book in your backyard, or going for a swim because your heating system is efficient and reliable.

Increased Resale Value of Your Home

Homebuyers are always looking out for smart homes. Homes that are eco-friendly and have efficient and reliable energy. When you incorporate the gas line installation, the value of your property automatically goes up.

In the event you want to resell the house, this will be advantageous to you as the extra features make it desirable in the property market.

Natural Gas Installations Should Be Done by Professionals

A licensed plumber should install the gas line as they have the proper training and licensing. To avoid gas leaks, they are keen on not using rusting pipes, wrong materials, and loose fittings. They must follow the code of ethics laid out by the law.

After sight analysis of your home, the contractor must apply for the required permits before commencing the gas line installation. This is important because, after the installation process, a gas inspector will come to ensure that the installation was properly done.

The permit also helps to ensure that you are covered by your insurance company in case issues arise following the installation.

Ensure that you prepare well in advance for the installation process. Identify systems that may be affected or used for installation are in good condition and don’t need modification or repairs.

Enjoy the Advantages of Natural Gas Installation

It’s important to improve energy efficiency in your home in North Georgia. The recurring outages and different weather patterns that disrupt electricity should prompt you to have a gas line installed. When your power bills keep soaring, opt to have natural gas which is convenient, reliable cost-effective, and safe.

Being expandable is one of the many advantages of natural gas. You can conveniently expand the installed lines to serve the gas energy to other areas and appliances of the home in the future. If you’re on a tight budget, you can install the gas in the most important areas first then with time, expand to other areas of the home.

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