Thanksgiving Plumbing Nightmares: How to Avoid Clogs and Keep the Laughs Flowing

How To Avoid Plumbing Problems This Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving – that wonderful time of year when we gather with family, stuff ourselves silly, and hope the food coma hits after the dishes are done. Just as you are patting yourself on the back for preparing a dinner of not-too-dry turkey and only slightly lumpy mashed potatoes, disaster strikes – a clogged sink, or worse, a clogged toilet. Talk about a party pooper! Fear not! We’ve got your back with these crucial tips to prevent your holiday from going down the drain.

  1. Don’t Let Leftovers Be Left Over… in the Drain!

Tossing leftover scraps down the drain might seem like a quick win, but your plumbing won’t thank you for it. Skip the sink and toss those food scraps in the trash or compost. Save your drains and let the garbage disposal handle the small stuff.

  1. Grease: Great for Food, Terrible for Pipes!

Grease might make the turkey taste divine, but it’s a plumbing disaster waiting to happen. Grease will solidify in your pipes before you even cut into the pumpkin pie. Instead, wipe the grease off the cookware and toss it in the trash – you’re saving your pipes and giving the raccoons a Thanksgiving treat.

Dished In Sink

  1. Garbage Disposal Disco

Your garbage disposal is like a rock star on stage – it needs a warm-up before the show! Get that water flowing, turn on the disposal, and let the party begin. But remember, don’t go overboard like a drummer on caffeine. Feed it gradually to prevent clogs.

  1. Dishwasher Diva Drama

The age-old debate: dishwasher or garbage disposal first? They might have plumbing chemistry, but running them together as a duet can lead to a symphony of blocked pipes. So, let your disposal have its solo before the dishwasher gets its turn in the spotlight.

  1. Shower Showdown

Hosting guests and a parade of showers? Think of your drains as traffic cops – they need time to manage the flow. Don’t let them get overwhelmed; give them a breather of about 10 minutes between showers, ensuring your bathroom doesn’t turn into a traffic jam.

  1. The Toilet Tango

Your bathroom is bustling with more activity than a Black Friday sale. But don’t let the toilet become the unsung hero of plumbing woes. It’s got a strict “toilet paper only” policy –Anything else is a big no-no! Keep a waste bin nearby, so guests know where the real stage for non-flushables is.

  1. Call the Plumbing Maestro

Is your faucet doing the “drip, drip, drip” dance or is your sink flowing at a snail’s pace? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving chaos ensues to call for backup! Bring in the plumbing pros to give your pipes a pre-holiday checkup, ensuring a smooth and stress-free celebration.

This Thanksgiving, keep those pipes happy, and you can savor your turkey without a side of plumbing panic. If things still get messy, fear not! Our superhero plumbers at My Georgia Plumber are just a call away. Dial 770-592-0081, and let the professionals save the day, while you focus on making memories with your loved ones. Because this holiday, let’s keep the laughs flowing, not the drains!



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