Thermal Expansion Tank Code

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Understanding Thermal Expansion Tanks: Meeting Code Requirements for a Safe Water System

Recently, many residents in Georgia have received notices from county building departments and water companies urging them to install thermal expansion tanks. This requirement stems from a federal government notice to protect water supplies against backflow. To comply with local codes and ensure a safe water system, it is essential to understand the purpose and necessity of thermal expansion tanks. My Georgia Plumber is here to provide efficient and affordable installation services to meet your county’s code requirements.

The Need for Thermal Expansion Tanks

  • Notices from county building departments and water companies emphasize the installation of thermal expansion tanks to protect the local water system against backflow.
  • Upgrades to old water meters include dual check valves and electronic read meters to comply with federal requirements.
  • County regulating authorities recommend the use of thermal expansion tanks alongside backflow prevention devices to create a closed system and ensure water system safety.

Ensuring Code Compliance with Thermal Expansion Tanks

  • A thermal expansion tank is a simple yet effective solution to meet local code requirements and safeguard your home’s water system.
  • My Georgia Plumber’s experienced professionals can install thermal expansion tanks promptly and affordably, ensuring compliance with county codes.

Thermal Expansion Tank FAQ

  • Explanation of thermal expansion and its effects on water systems, including pressure increases.
  • Clarification that a temperature and pressure relief (T&P) valve alone is insufficient as a thermal expansion control device.
  • Reference to building codes (section 607.3) that require thermal expansion control measures.

Obtaining a Thermal Expansion Device

  • Availability of thermal expansion solutions at local hardware stores.
  • Contact information for scheduling thermal expansion device installation or hot water heater accessory services through My Georgia Plumber.


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