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Fire Features Always Bring Light To A Gathering Or Outdoor Event
Many homeowners get so caught up in their daily routines that they forget to take some time to enjoy life and their home. It’s important…
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Expectations for An Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular. They allow you to relax and enjoy your backyard better than ever before, and they increase the value of…
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Why Does Everyone Love Natural Gas Grills
The Difference Between Natural Gas And Propane We are using the term natural gas to distinguish it from propane gas which is for entirely different…
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Leak Defense Incentives Offered By Insurance Companies
Leaks caused by plumbing system failure are quickly becoming the number one claim for high-value homes. In response to this, several insurance carriers have recognized…
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5 Plumbing Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Bucks
Plumbing is a funny thing. There’s an intricate and crucial series of pipes right inside the walls of your house, and yet you often don’t…
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How to Clean and Maintain Your Drain Lines
Often the sewer lines and your home's drain lines are the most neglected item on a homeowner's maintenance list. A home's drain system is a…
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What is a Home Warranty?
Buying a warranty for expensive or big-ticket items is usually designed to give you peace of mind if something gets lost or stolen or if…
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Cold Shower?
Maybe your Water Heater Need Repair, Maintenance or Replacing Residential Water Heaters When a water heater fails, whether it just stops heating or starts leaking, My…
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Restaurants to Retail, Health Care Clinic to Home Services – All Commercial Plumbing Services
It doesn't matter what line of business you're in, whether the restaurant, retail, health, or some other industry entirely, a plumbing emergency can mean lost…
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Pros and Cons When Considering a Home Warranty
In our first article in this series, What is a Home Warranty, we discussed exactly what a Home Warranty is and is not and why…
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Should You or Shouldn’t You Get a Home Warranty – Pros & Cons
You recently purchased a new home and now you have a plumbing problem. You remember the home came with a home warranty. But how exactly…
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Warranty Information About Your Faucet
Average Lifespan Most modern faucets are built and designed to last. However, the average life span can vary based on the manufacturer, material quality, how…
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