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2 elkay water fountains are having issues Found the high water fountain is leaking from the bottom side. And the low water fountain is leaking from the bubbler Pulled off handle on both and called tech support The lower fountain stop leaking when handle was pulled off. Tech support stated it needed a new handle and the higher fountain likely needed a new internal regulator to stop leaking. Tech support is sending me parts numbers for the parts.
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
Customer stated: they had an issue with the garbage disposal and a running toilet. Tech notes:called out today to look at a running toilet and a jammed garbage disposal. While on sight home owner already had cleaned the garbage disposal with no jam showing itself. Home owner showed me the master bathroom where the toilet periodically runs. I tested the pressure to find it at 45 psi. The issue with the toilet is the fill valve causing the toilet to take a while to fill as well. Resolution: I recommend replacing the fill valve in the master bathroom toilet to fix issue. Job notes: home owner was not pleased with the estimate due to the price being too high for them. They have a handy man on stand by that they stated charges way less than I presented and are going to use him instead of us. Job status complete. Autho: Estimates: ready to send.
Milton, GA 30004
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Called out to replace 50 gallon natural gas water heater. Located in garage on stand. Transitioned cpvc pipe to copper and connected new water heater. Also replaced thermal expansion tank and added an emergency shut off valve. Water is on and tested with no further issues at this time.
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED:2 leaking toilets TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today to look at 2 leaking toilets found the upstairs master bath to have a failed flapper and the upstairs guest bedroom bath to have a failed tank to bowl gasket. Replacement required. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: replaced flapper in master bath toilet. Tested with success. Replaced tank to bowl gasket in guest bed bath and tested with success. JOB NOTES: clean out left of garage JOB STATUS: COMPLETE AUTHO: auth28000925
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
TECHNICIAN NOTES: called In for authorization , ahs does not cover manufacturers defect due to this being a interbreed seal that has failed . AUTHO: 115 RSCI
Milton, GA 30004
Excellent Service
Christian - Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: leaking line on side of house TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis found t& p had failed and will need to be replaced due to it leaking out water, as of today will need to cut out old one and install new one RESOLUTION: replaced the t&p and had no further issues with the unit leaking water out , will build up estimates for replacement water heater complimentary , 75 gallon natural gas unit located in the basement of home JOBSTATUS: complete MGPNOTES: card on file
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED:**This is a landlord/tenant property**He had a leak coming from underneath his dish washer. TECHNICIAN NOTES: Upon inspection I did see that there was water build up on the wood flooring by dish washer. I ran the dish washer through a cycle, and let it drain with no leaks. I also found that the dish washer was still full of water. I let home owner know I believe this is a motor issue for the dish washer, and this would be considered a appliance issue which we do not deal with. I let him know he would need to contact the land lord to have them send out a appliance technician. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: There is nothing plumbing related for todays issues. The land lord will need to contact choice warranty to send out appliance tech. JOB NOTES:**Please bill out to choice warranty for max authorization** JOB STATUS: Complete PARTS: N/A AUTHO: Submitted to choice warranty for max authorization ESTIMATES: Ready to send
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: leaking toilet TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis while out today found toilet in upstairs bathroom had a flapper that was not making a proper seal , will need to be replaced to address issue RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: replaced flapper and found no further issues with the toilet running new toilet flapper is working and sealing properly as of today. Could not locate clean out JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: COMPLETE AUTHO: 115 RBDI
Milton, GA 30004 Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: leaking office toilet, leaking bathroom in upstairs bathroom, and a leaking kitchen faucet hose TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis as of today I found that the office bathroom flapper is not sealing properly replacement is recommended, upstairs bed room bathroom has a flapper that is also not making a proper seal will need to replace it to avoid further issues. And the kitchen faucet hose doesn’t seal properly and will need to be replaced RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: as of today I replaced both flappers and found no further issues with water running today, old flappers did not make a proper seal and caused leaks at home , I was unable to locate the clean out today but did find pressure was at 78. JOB NOTES: JOB STATUS: COMPLETE AUTHO: 115KLSA
Milton, GA 30004
Christine J.
Christine J. Checked in
Milton, GA 30004

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