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At My Georgia Plumber, we've been providing quality plumbing services for over 30 years. We're a full-service plumbing company, offering a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. From drain cleaning and repair to sewer line and water line services, we've got you covered. We also offer water heater services, gas line installation and repair and bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing. Plus, we offer remodeling services to help you update your space. Whether you need a plumber for a simple repair or a complete remodel, we're here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Christine J.

Christine J.

Customer Stated: They were unable to get any hot water through out the home. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this is a AO smith commercial grade 74 gallon natural gas water heater located in the garage of home, and is only 4 years of age. I found that the tank is able to spark, and pilot instantly, but as soon as you let go of the pilot the flame will go out. I let home owner know we would need to replace the gas control valve, and thermal pile to help fix/prevent future plumbing issues. I also let her know we would need to order parts, and return or she can reach out to AO smith warranty directly, and have parts shipped directly to her home. This unit is still under manufacturer warranty until 2025. Resolution: We would need to replace the existing Honeywell gas control valve, and thermal pile for the AO smith 74 gallon water heater located in the garage of home with new valve/thermal pile to help fix/prevent future plumbing issues. Job Notes:**The home owner has alread

Near Dinant Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30022
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Customer States: Upstairs guest bathroom tub/ shower drain is draining slowly. They keep a hair catcher around the drain. Technician Notes: Out today to look into issue with the upstairs guest bathroom tub/ shower drain. Drains backs up the second water is ran. Removed drain stopper that was loose to uncover hair build up. Resolution: Removed hair build up from the drain. Tested drained for proper flow. Job Notes: Bill out autho limit to CHW. Job Status: Complete. Autho: Bill out autho limit. Estimates: No additional needed.

Near Hannaford Ln, Johns Creek, GA 30097
Robert D.

Robert D.

Called out for leak from toilet. Found 2nd floor jack n jill toilet is leaking from the wax seal and showing up on the exterior of the home since it’s located on an overhang. Replaced wax seal and fill valve. Turned water on and tested with no further leaks or issues at this time.

Near Spey Ct, Johns Creek, GA 30022

CUSTOMER STATED: no pressure on hot side. TECHNICIAN NOTES: upon inspection found the water heater shut off valve still turned off from the previous visit, I forgot to open it back up after the prior job was complete, this is a true callback on David. RESOLUTION: opened water heater shut off and raised pressure per customer request. JOB NOTES: call back on me STATUS: complete AUTHO: ESTIMATES: no further needed

Near Inisfree Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30022
Christine J.

Christine J.

Customer stated: they had a clogged toilet. Technician notes: called out today to look at a clogged toilet. The toilet is located on the second floor in the guest bathroom. While on site I found that the clog had already been pushed through. I talked to the home owner and he stated that there was a clog but eventually just pushed through. Resolution: upon arrival, the home owner had informed me that the guest bathroom on the second level had a clogged toilet. In the process of waiting for a technician to come out he stated the clog pushed through on its own. I explained to him with soft clogs over time water has the possibility to degrade the stoppage depending on whether type type of clog they have. Job status: complete Autho: no autho

Near Spring Breeze Terrace, Johns Creek, GA 30024
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Technician notes: no answer when knocking on door, called customer and he said he was 20 minutes away, he then called the office and said he was 10 minutes away, waited and no one showed, busted trip (these were previous notes) Customer States: Left side kitchen drain is not draining. Technician Notes: Out today to look into potential faucet issue, but customer said it was supposed to be about a clogged drain. Left side kitchen drain will not drain. Right side works fine. Pulled trap to find food build up in the drain. Resolution: Removed food build up from trap. Reinstalled drain and tested for proper function. Job Status: Complete. Autho: Complete under autho limit. Estimates: No additional needed at this time.

Near Bartam Cove, Johns Creek, GA 30097

This is a estimate to replace the existing 3/4 gate valve that is the whole home shut off valve. Technician notes: upon inspection found that PRV was leaking and had failed, pressure was reading 30 psi. Spoke with American home shield and they approved PRV being replaced, when starting to replace PRV found that whole home shut off valve was not shutting off all the way, presented customer with service estimate to replace whole home shut off valve and he elected to have the work completed today, cut out existing PRV and whole home gate valve and installed new watts PRV and whole home ball valve, turned water back on to home and found no leaks at this time. Pressure is now reading 50 psi. MGP notes: please bill card in pictures $404.97 for shut off valve replacement and 115 to AHS for PRV replacement. Job status: complete Autho: 115RBDI

Near Inisfree Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30022
Robert D.

Robert D.

Called out to reinstalled existing toilet and pedestal in main floor half bathroom. Toilet installed with new wax seal and mounting hardware. Pedestal reinstalled and secured to wall and floor with construction adhesive. Also caulked he base of the toilet. Advised the home owner to not use for 24hrs to allow adhesive and caulk to dry and cure. Gas stove was already reinstalled be previous contractors. Inspected and found no issues at this time.

Near Ashcroft Bend, Johns Creek, GA 30005
James T.

James T.

CUSTOMER STATED: They are having a water leak showing up in the basement ceiling. TECHNICIAN NOTES: I found that there is a leak showing up in the basement ceiling and homeowner showed me that water showed up on the floor of a closet on the first floor. The leak is somewhere between the first floor and the 2nd floor in the wall. RESOLUTION: Cut the wall and replace a section of pipe.

Near Cameron Dr, Johns Creek, GA 30097

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