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Protect Plumbing Pipes From a Hard Freeze
Even in Georgia, weather stations often predict a hard freeze for Atlanta and surrounding areas. This means temperatures will drop to freezing or below several days in…
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Pros and Cons When Considering a Home Warranty
In our first article in this series, What is a Home Warranty, we discussed exactly what a Home Warranty is and is not and why…
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Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall Weather
Fall ushers in wonderful temperatures and vibrant autumn colors, perfect for outdoor gatherings. Despite these fantastic attributes, it also serves as a warning that winter…
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Don’t Put These Items Down the Garbage Disposal this Holiday Season
This month is about scary jack-o-lanterns, delicious pumpkin pies, and hearty butternut casseroles. During the holiday's garbage disposals and sink drains will be doing double…
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5 Holiday Plumbing Maintenance Tips
Avoiding Winter Emergencies Leaves are starting to change, temperatures are cooling off and bonfires are a weekly occurrence. This can only mean one thing -…
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Vacation Plumbing Maintenance – Preventing Freeze Breaks
As winter approaches and temperatures drop, there is a danger of broken water lines and burst pipes. Taking the following measures will help prevent your…
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Spring Plumbing Tips to Help You Save
Flowers are blooming and we are starting to see people working in their gardens which means spring is finally here. April showers will soon bring…
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Summer Water Conservation Tips
With the hot days of the summer months upon us, the plumbers near you from My Georgia Plumber can offer off a variety of ways that you can…
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Preventing Frozen Plumbing Pipes
Over a quarter-million families have their lives disrupted each winter because of frozen water line pipes. In colder climates like here in North Georgia, frigid…
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Summer Kitchens and Outdoor Gas Grill Installations
Whether you have an existing gas drop and plumbing on your patio or are looking to add a new gas line, water, or drain line…
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Does grilling ever go out of season? We think not.
Replenishing the LP (liquid propane) on your outdoor grill is not only inconvenient but also expensive! And we all know, it tends to run out…
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Summer Plumbing Tips
Summer is the "home buying" season. Many new homebuyers find out too late that their dream home is riddled with water leakage or a poor…
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