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Looking for a plumber in Dallas, GA? My Georgia Plumber has been providing quality plumbing services to residents and businesses in Dallas for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas line service, remodeling and plumbing for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. No matter what your plumbing needs are, we're here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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Santos Q.

Santos Q.

This estimate is to dig up and locate leak and repair CLN NOTES - Billed on Previous Invoice. Customer is not home

Near Silver Ridge Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
James T.

James T.

CUSTOMER STATED: The homeowner complaint is that the kitchen faucet was not getting hot water at all TECHNICIAN NOTES: I found that nothing was wrong. RESOLUTION: I turned on the faucet and got hot water quickly I tested it several times with no mechanical failure.

Near Willow Pointe Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Christian O.

Christian O.

CUSTOMER STATED: That the valve behind the fridge is leaking when in the off position. TECHNICIAN NOTES: The ice maker valve will need to be replaced. When I went to shut the water off to the home a second time the shut off to the home broke and wouldn't work and since this was my fault being the last one to touch it I replaced it. RESOLUTION: Replaced the valve to the ice maker and tested with everything functioning properly with no leaks or drips at this time.

Near Valleyside Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Mike D.

Mike D.

CUSTOMER STATED: ESTIMATE (2 OF 3) BETTER re-pipe 2 bathroom split level house with open access and drop down celling. 2 house will need to be cut in the drywall to access guest bathroom tub/shower and rear hose bib. TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out to house today for a whole home re-pipe. RESOLUTION: After running all new pex from the income shut off throughout the home we tested and found no leaks at this time. The homeowner authorized us to cut 4 holes in the drywall.

Near Sweetgum Ln, Dallas, GA 30132
James T.

James T.

CUSTOMER STATED: The customer wanted the water heater flush also; the master bath shower is constantly dripping from the shower head and the sink on the left side in the master bath is slow to drain. TECHNICIAN NOTES: The technician did find the shower was dripping and the master bath sink was slowly draining. RESOLUTION: The technician flushed the water heater, replaced the shower cartridge and cleared the clog in the master bath sink.

Near Bent Creek Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

CUSTOMER STATED: Right side MB faucet drips and leaks and leak in crawlspace was found by exterminator. TECHNICIAN NOTES: Customer attempted to repair right side MB faucet with new cartridges. There is other issues with this faucet and I am unable to locate proper parts. Recommending customer have both faucets replaced due to age. Leak on 1/2" CPVC in crawlspace. RESOLUTION: Cut out section or CPVC along with an elbow and replaced with pex. Restored water to home. Created estimates for faucet replacement.

Near Herman Ave, Dallas, GA 30132
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

CUSTOMER STATED: Annual Plumbing Inspection TECHNICIAN NOTES: The customer should consider budgeting for a new water heater. Existing is now 12 years old. The Master bathroom toilet could be updated. RESOLUTION: The performed annual home inspection. No major issues at this time.

Near Oak Glen Ct, Dallas, GA 30132

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