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Trevor did a great job installing the gas line for my outdoor gas grill!

DallasGA 33.925-84.8425

CUSTOMER STATED : Water is coming out the side of the house. TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out today for the concern of water gushing out the side of the home. After inspecting the home, I found the existing water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve to have failed. Pressure reducing valve has also failed causing water pressure to read 110 PSI. Thermal expansion tank on water heater has also failed. RESOLUTION : Replaced pressure reducing valve through American home shield. ESTIMATE TO REPLACE WATER HEATER HAS BEEN SOLD VIA SERVICE. JOB NOTES : Please collect 100% for water heater estimate sold. Please schedule for as soon as possible, homeowners have no hot water. No further estimates to forward at this point in time. AUTHO : 115RQSA

Near Pine Hill Ct, Dallas, GA 30132

Customer stated: water company told them there was a major leak. Technician notes: inspected whole home before turning the water on, was unable to find any active leaks or signs of a past leak. Turned water on to property and conducted another walkthrough, at this time there is no signs of any leaks. Water meter did not change gallon amounts while doing walkthroughs. MGP notes: please bill accordingly Estimates: no further needed Job status: complete CLN NOTES - CARY MESSED UP ON JOB. WE CAN NOT BILL OUT. WE ARE TO MAKE UP ON ANOTHER JOB.

Near Silver Ridge Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
James T.

James T.

The homeowner complaint is that there is a water leak possibly from the water heater I found that the water heater is leaking internally from the vent tube in the middle of the water heater The water heater is a propane fueled It is a 2016 model Authorization: 115lmza Job not completed Estimates are built and ready to send Homeowner chose to go with the tankless option I have the card information they said they want us to go ahead and run the full amount Need to order a noritz ez98 lp unit

Near Rachel Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
James T.

James T.

The homeowner complaint is that they have seen water under the kitchen sink in the cabinet on occasion The guest bathroom on the main floor they are say something is wrong with the lav faucet In the basement they are having a pipe leak In the master bathroom the 2 lav faucets are dripping And the Roman tub water is leaking from the cold handle The guest bathroom toilet in guest bathroom on 2nd floor seems to have a leak I found no active leak in the kitchen cabinet The guest bathroom on main floor the lav faucet is not working properly there is full flow of water coming out of the spout even when the handles are turned off There is a pin hole leak in a 3/4 copper water line in the basement ceiling The master bath Roman tub valve is leaking from the cold handle The toilet in the guest bathroom on the 2nd floor The cap on the Mansfield flush valve is broken so when the toilet is flushed the canister gets hung up so it isn’t sealing and allowing the bowl to over fill I checked

Near Sweet Birch Ln, Dallas, GA 30132
James T.

James T.

The homeowner complaint is that they have 2 pin holes leaks in 2 places of the garage ceiling I found in the main part of the garage ceiling there is a 1/2in copper line with a pin hole In the storage area of the garage there is a 3/4 copper line with a large pin hole leak I cut out both pin holes in the copper lines and repaired them tested with no issues or leaks Authorization: submitted online Job completion: job completed Choice home warranty is paying 395 for the job

Near New Hope Dr, Dallas, GA 30132
James T.

James T.

Replace the water line in the yard from the meter to the foundation The line is 50 to 60 feet if on the left side of the home Costs will change if the water line goes under the driveway to the right hand side of the house We replaced replaced the water line from the meter to the foundation of the home We back filled any wholes to construction grade Tested with no issues or leaks Job is complete

Near Autumn Creek Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Lauren F.

Lauren F.

Customer Stated: They were not able to get any hot water for about 10 days now. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this is a Rheem natural gas water heater, and is 8 years of age which means this water heater is outside of manufacture warranty. Upon arrival the heater was not piloted or lit, and I was able to instantly pilot, and relight water heater with no issues. I explained to customer that this could be a gas control valve issue, and that it would need to be replaced if this happens again. I stayed for 15 mins while water heater stayed lit, and functioned properly. There are no further plumbing issues at this time. Resolution: No further plumbing issues at this time. Water heater is functioning properly, and stayed lit for 15-20 mins while on site today. Job Status: Completed Estimates: No estimates needed at this time CLN NOTES - BILLED IN PORTAL.

Near Crestwood Dr, Dallas, GA 30157
Lauren F.

Lauren F.

Customer Stated: Her toilet was rocking, and very loose. Tech Notes: Upon arrival I found that the toilet is elongated, and located in the basement of home. I found that the toilet bolts had been broken off, and made home owner aware that through AHS this would be considered misuse which would not be covered. I presented options to have the existing toilet pulled, reset with new bolts, wax ring, and home owner elected to wait and talk this decision over with husband. I made her aware that as long as the flange for the toilet is still in good condition that all we will have to do is a pull, and reset. Resolution: We will need to pull existing toilet located in the basement of home, and reset with new wax ring, and toilet bolts to prevent toilet from rocking, and any future plumbing issues. MGP Notes: **Please bill out flat rate to AHS** Job Status: Completed Estimates: Please FWD

Near Andrews Ct, Dallas, GA 30157
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

Customer stated garbage disposal is not working Technician notes after inspecting I found at the insinkerator garbage disposal located in the kitchen, is operating as it should with no issues Resolution explained to the homeowner that American home shield would not cover this, as there is no mechanical failure. She would like to wait until the unit breaks to replace the unit and would not like any estimates at this moment as she has other obligations money related. Job status complete Authorization 115 mmda Authorization status approved no mechanical failure Estimate notes no further estimates at this time

Near Alexandria Way, Dallas, GA 30132
Aaron N.

Aaron N.

This is a estimate to have the existing State Select 40 gallon natural gas water heater replaced with with new 40 gallon tank to help prevent any future plumbing issues. Today’s service notes Technician notes out to house today to install a new 40 gallon natural gas short water heater located in the garage on the elevated platform. After installation I tested ensure the unit was working properly found the current whole home pressure was 190 psi. I shut the water back off to the home explain to the homeowner what was going on and recommended for the pressure reducing valve to be replaced Resolution I gave the homeowner his options of going back to American home shield for the pressure being so high, but notated that I could not leave the water on to the unit that was just installed due to a liability. Do you want to authorize me to go ahead and replace the pressure reducing valve today with an additional $381.28 being added onto today’s invoice. After installation of the new water

Near Cabana Ct, Dallas, GA 30132

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