What are Insta-Hot Water Heaters?

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Point of use water heaters, also known as Insta-Hots, are another great cost-effective appliance for the kitchen. They fit neatly under the kitchen sink or bathroom lavatory and produce instant hot water at the press of a button. Great for a spot of tea, a cup of coffee, soup mixes, and cooking.

Most point-of-use water heaters typically fit under a sink or lavatory and provide instant hot water for making beverages quickly. Other uses, including larger models, are used to provide entire bathrooms with their own source of hot water. Use here in the United States is limited, but in other countries around the world, one small point-of-use water heater is installed in each wet room of the house in lieu of a whole-house tank water heater, including the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms.

Are Insta-Hot Water Heaters Gas or Electric?

Point-of-use water heaters in the US are usually electric, though some manufacturers do make gas models and their capacity ranges from half-gallon up to 6 gallons. Like traditional tank water heaters, point-of-use water heaters carry a 6-12 year warranty and usually last at least that long.

Insta-Hot Water Heater Efficiency

In terms of conservation and efficiency, smaller point-of-use water heaters are much more efficient than larger point-of-use heaters and traditional tank water heaters. These small units can save consumers 33-50% on their cost of heating. What is the Cost to Install an Insta-Hot Water Heater?

Parents of small children may want to be careful when choosing an Insta-Hot water heater.

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