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My Georgia Plumber is a trusted plumbing service company that has been serving the College Park, GA area for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas lines, bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing and remodeling services. We are dedicated to providing our College Park customers with the highest quality of service possible, and we believe that our experience and reputation speak for themselves. If you are in need of a plumber, please give us a call today!

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Job Locations and Reviews Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED : Both bathrooms are backing up. TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for the tenants concern of the both bathrooms in the home caused by a whole home clog. Home has 2 clean out on the front side of the home. 2nd clean out near driveway parking pad has broken from being ran over. Tenant stated they rent sure how it happened. Small machine has been ran through the Broken 4 inch clean out tee but could not clear blockage. We need to return with a bigger machine, camera and locater. We also need to repair the 4 inch broken clean out tee near driveway. RESOLUTION : Ran small machine but was unsuccessful at clearing blockage. Estimate needs to be built to return with big machine, camera, locator, and to repair broken clean out tee. JOB NOTES : Need to schedule a new appointment. Tasks in invoice should be for return trip if approved. JOB STATUS : Job not complete
College Park, GA 30349
Mike D.
Mike D. Checked in
Showed today to unclog the washer sewer line We had to cut a section of pipe to remove bunch of stuff that the previous owner had dump in it . The line is clear. And working properly. Job complete.
College Park, GA 30349 Checked in
Customer Stated: This is a rental property, and the tenant stated every time it would rain the water heater would shut off due to water leaking into crawl space. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this is a Rheem 40 gallon short natural gas water heater located in the crawlspace of home, and is not even a year of age which is still within manufacture warranty. I found no mechanical failures with this unit on today’s visit, but per the notes we were called out to give a quote on having hot/cold water lines along with the gas line extended into garage of home to connect with brand new water heater. While on site I did notice that there were electrical outlets, and the circuit breaker was located in the garage as well. The circuit breaker was about 6 feet from where we could tie in to our hot/cold three-quarter inch waterlines. I would recommend going to a 50 gallon electric versus trying to tie into a new gas line. I have options for both installing gas, and electric water heaters
College Park, GA 30349 Checked in
Customer Stated: This is a vacant property, and per the PM they wanted us to come out to inspect toilet/shower valve. Tech Notes: Upon inspection I found that this is a glacier bay elongated toilet located in the upstairs master bathroom of home. I found that the toilet needs to be pulled/reset with new wax ring, bolts, supply line, and caulking. I found that the three stem shower valve located in the upstairs hallway guest bathroom also needs to be replaced, and there is access directly behind drywall in guest bedroom. I gave estimate over the phone for the work that is needed to be done to Jamal, and he agreed to pricing. Resolution: We will need to cut into the drywall behind upstairs guest bath shower valve (3 stem), and replace with brand new valve. We will also need to pull/reset upstairs master bathroom toilet along with caulking to help fix/prevent any future plumbing issues. Job Notes:**Jamal has agreed to pricing, and we just need to send estimate over to him via email
College Park, GA 30349 Checked in
Stated.. master bathroom tub is not getting hot water upstairs bathrooms are backing up and upstairs washer box is backing up. Tech notes.. found no issues while running water upstairs. Nothing backed up. Flush both upstairs bathroom toilets 10 times each and ran both the tub and shower. Ran washer and it backed up. Master bathroom tub scald guard set to low. Adjusted and temp of water getting hot now. Resolution.. ran pistol snake down washer drain to clear and pulled back several foreign objects. There are more objects in the drain line we could not get with pistol snake that I believe have made it into the main for the upstairs. Did not want to push these objects downstairs so we need to return with a camera to asses and perform spot repair on the sewer pipe to prevent them from making it to the main downstairs which is under the slab. Notes.. Status..not completed.
College Park, GA 30349
David C.
David C. Checked in
CUSTOMER STATED: water heater not producing hot water again. TECHNICIAN NOTES: found 40 gallon short natural gas water heater located in crawl space, water heater stops working every time it rains due to water getting in crawl space and putting burner assembly out. RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: water heater will need to be replaced with a short lowboy or a tankless system or relocate heater into garage JOB NOTES: please bill accordingly, only hose bib is before prv. JOB STATUS: not complete, estimates need sent to resi PARTS: unable to find 40 gallon natural gas low boy that can fit. ESTIMATES: please forward to customer.
College Park, GA 30349
Robert D.
Robert D. Checked in
Estimate is to provide and replace 40 gallon natural gas water heater and grundfos recirculating pump. Water heater is located in 2nd floor mechanical room. There are two existing water heaters and the one on the right is leaking and will be replaced. Will also replace recirculating pump and reconfigure hot and cold water lines to be able to isolate the water heaters separately. Job completed March 6, 2024. Right side water heater has been replaced, both thermal expansion tanks replaced, reconfigured hot and cold water lines for both water heaters to include isolation crossovers in the event a tank fails and is need to be turned off. Also replaced grundfos recirculating pump. Water is on and tested with no further issues at this time.
College Park, GA 30349
James T.
James T. Checked in
The tenants complaint is that the guest bathroom tub is not draining and te diverter handle is loose and falling off the stem We found the tub was not draining but the diverter handle is very tight and not falling off We ran a snake and cleared the tub drain Job completed No new estimates are needed No visible clean out
College Park, GA 30349
Trevor J.
Trevor J. Checked in
Customer/ Tenant States: Kitchen faucet is leaking again. Technician Notes: Previous technician out attempted to repair this faucet. Repair held since October of 2023 but the leak is back at it. I recommend we replace this faucet as parts cannot be located for repair. Resolution: Installed a new single handle kitchen faucet and tested for leaks/ proper function. Job Notes: Unable to check pressure. Obstacles blocking hose bib. Job Status: Complete. Autho: Bill to ResiPro. Estimates: No additional needed.
College Park, GA 30349 Checked in
Customer Stated: They had a leak showing up in the drywall directly behind the tub, but were unsure where it was coming from. Tech Notes:Upon inspection I found that there was water damage on the drywall directly behind the main level hallway guest bathroom where tub is located. I’ll let the tenants know that I will need to cut into the drywall to be able to further diagnose where leak is coming from. After cutting into the drywall, I found that the leak is coming from the single handle delta shower valve. I also found that the tile for tub around where handle/trim is located was caulked, and extremely loose. I was able to remove several tile pieces I to find that this valve has been improperly installed, and hose clamps along with other miscellaneous parts have been used. I let the tenant know that we would need to replace the entire shower valve along with the tub drain to help fix/prevent these future plumbing issues, and we will need to submit to ResiPro for authorization before a
College Park, GA 30349

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