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Many property owners find pleasure in utilizing their outdoor spaces during the summer. Whether it is their backyard, patio, or front yard, taking advantage of exterior living spaces is necessary during warmer months. Outdoor activities such as BBQs or filling the pool with the garden hose for water activities are just some of the entertainments that happen outdoors.

A hose bib has a variety of names and is also known as a spigot. It is a small outdoor faucet that is typically attached to the side or back of a home. It is known as an external faucet, which is often installed for the homeowner’s convenience and facilitates the use of water outside of the home. However, much like any other faucet, it is susceptible to wear and tear.

Benefits of Having a Hose Bib

Outdoor plumbing is quite beneficial. A hose bib offers significant advantages. It minimizes the need for moving back and forth to bring water from inside the home outside. It makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable and livable. Some individuals use outdoor faucets for a variety of reasons. These can include some of the following:

  • Watering the lawn, flowerbeds, and gardens
  • Cleansing hands and feet of dirt
  • Washing the car
  • Giving your dog a good scrub
  • Refilling your pool

Although not limited to this list, a hose bib offers a plethora of other uses. Many individuals use it in a variety of ways. To keep a hose bib in tip-top shape, though, they require maintenance. Proper upkeep keeps them running efficiently throughout the summer, but most importantly during the winter. Hose bibs are typically susceptible to freezing during the cold winter months. When this occurs, cracked pipes and water damage can ensue.

How does a hose bib function?

Your plumbing system in your home is connected to your hose bib. For some, it is merely a spigot that protrudes on the outside. However, there is more to this spigot. It is attached to your indoor water supply. This attachment permits water to flow from the inside of the home outside. Pipes extend from the end of the hose bib to the main supply of water indoors.

The issue several homeowners face, particularly in the winter, is the proximity of the valve to the exterior of their property. The problem this presents is that the valve remains too close to the home.

When water freezes in the taps and pipes, it expands, which can lead to bursting and damage to your house. In some homes, there is a separate valve that aids in preventing this pipe from freezing. This valve is often located in the basement or another convenient location closer to the hose bib. However, a separate shut-off valve is sometimes not enough to eradicate the potential ruin that can occur.

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