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Home Warranty Appointment Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing My Georgia Plumber as your home warranty contractor. Please take a few moments to read through these frequently asked questions regarding your home warranty claim process. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.


My Georgia Plumber will provide an on-site diagnosis for your claim. All approvals and denials are determined solely by your policy with your home warranty company. My Georgia Plumber does not influence this decision-making process. Once the work is completed or approved, My Georgia Plumber will kindly submit your claim to your home warranty company as a service on your behalf. Please be aware that any claims not paid timely or any balance after a partial payment will become the responsibility of the homeowner, in addition to any expenses not covered by the policy.

When will my technician arrive?

Our appointment times are morning (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) or afternoon (1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Your technician is scheduled to arrive during that time frame and calls are dispatched according to geography. Our dispatch system will send you a text message when the technician is headed your way.

Why do you need my credit card information before my appointment?

Our company policy requires payment of trade fees, service fees, and/or deductibles, and any costs for repairs not covered by your home warranty company to be paid at the time you set your appointment. Appointments can not be scheduled without a valid credit or debit card. If we did not collect your credit card this means you have already paid your Service Fee to your home warranty provider.

What do you mean by “costs for repairs not covered by the home warranty company,” am I going to have to pay?

Your home warranty company and individual policy will determine what items are covered (what your home warranty company will pay for) and which items are not covered (costs you are responsible for). Not all policies are alike and ultimately your home warranty will decide how much coverage applies in your situation. Typically homeowners are responsible for trade fees and/or deductibles, repair upgrades, brand upgrades, modifications, code requirements, permits, etc… Once authorization has been received, you will be notified of what has been covered and what costs you will be responsible for.

Can I have the technician look at another issue while he is here?

My Georgia Plumber is only authorized by your home warranty company to assess and service items specified by our work order and only those items will be considered for payment by your home warranty company. Payment for any additional services requested would be your responsibility and would not be covered under your existing claim.

Can I expect my repair to be completed in one visit?

Every attempt will be made to complete your repair during our first appointment, but occasionally a return trip may be necessary. Authorization hold times or delayed response, availability for service parts, and claim reviews by your home warranty company may not allow our technician to complete your repair same day. In the event that we do not receive authorization in a timely manner, we will require a return trip fee to cover the cost of 2nd trip. Sometimes this fee will be covered by your home warranty policy, sometimes this is considered an out-of-pocket cost and is the homeowner’s responsibility. Coverage is determined on an individual claim basis by policy, not My Georgia Plumber. My Georgia Plumber does require all non-covered costs to be paid at the time of appointment set.

My home warranty company only authorized a “band-aid” repair. I want to take care of my home the right way and prefer to proactively maintain it. Can I choose an upgraded repair or full replacement?

This is the most beneficial way to use your home warranty policy. As you are aware, home warranty policies are not maintenance plans and only pay for repairs to what is actively broken at the time our technician is at your home. In addition, homeowners are required to properly service and maintain their home’s systems to maintain coverage. Failure to do so may result in future claim denials.

My Georgia Plumber highly recommends homeowners choose the recommended repair upgrade offered by your technician. This option applies the amount approved by your home warranty company towards the recommended repair upgrade or replacement giving you the best value for your money.

For even more value, most customers choose to become members of our Home Care Club, for added discounts and benefits. You can visit our website or ask your technician for details.


My unit has to be replaced, will my home warranty company pay for the same brand?

If a replacement has been authorized by your home warranty company, My Georgia Plumber is required to replace your failed unit with an equivalent builders-grade brand (generic). You may request a specific brand for an upgraded cost which you would be responsible for.


The technician determined my fixture is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Will my home warranty company cover this repair?

Should our technician find your failed fixture still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty during our initial visit, a claim will need to be filed with the manufacturer for parts or a replacement fixture. This diagnostic trip is covered by your home warranty company. Unfortunately, when a fixture is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, most home warranty companies will deny coverage for parts/replacement and/or labor because that responsibility lies with the manufacturer. Partial coverage varies by policy. Our technician will call and verify your coverage, and prepare an estimate for the cost of any non-covered items. We have prepared a list of manufacturer’s warranty and contact information on our website for your convenience. Should you have trouble ordering the proper parts our office will be happy to assist you.


What if I miss my appointment? What is your cancellation policy?

Homeowners are required to be home at the time of the appointment window. At the appointment setting homeowners are given a 4-hour appointment window, sent an appointment confirmation, sent a reminder message the night before their appointment, and sent a text message 10-30 min. before arrival and are required to.

If you are unable to be home, you may appoint a friend or neighbor to supervise the repairs. If you will not be home, a credit card must be on file for any non-covered items, and the person you appoint as your representative must have the authority to make decisions regarding the repairs needed and authorize any repair costs required for service.

Should you miss your appointment My Georgia Plumber is required to close out your claim with your home warranty provider. You will have to call your provider and place a new claim for us to be able to reschedule your appointment.

**NOTE** If you miss your appointment, your home warranty company may require you to pay an additional trade fee for a new appointment. If you have questions, refer to your policy or call your home warranty directly.


What if I have out-of-pocket expenses or my claim was denied by my home warranty company? Does My Georgia Plumber offer any financial assistance for the repairs?

I’m glad you asked, of course we do! As mentioned above, My Georgia Plumber offers our customers membership to our Home Care Club. Members enjoy discounted products and services, extended warranties, reduced emergency service fees, and several free services throughout the year.

For those with not-so-perfect credit, we also offer financing through Turns Financing Service. Ask your technician or visit our website for details.

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