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My Georgia Plumber is a trusted plumbing service company that has been serving the Ellenwood, GA area for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas lines, bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing and remodeling services. We are dedicated to providing our Ellenwood customers with the highest quality of service possible, and we believe that our experience and reputation speak for themselves. If you are in need of a plumber, please give us a call today!

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Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Customer/ ResiPro States: There is a leak on the main sewer line. Technician Notes: Out today to look into issue with a leak coming from the main sewer line. Issue is located down in the unfinished basement. 4” ABS sewer main which exists out the left side of the home leaks when water is ran down the drains in the home. Someone tried to patch this with a rubber coupling. This is not a proper repair and sewer gases are also escaping. Line will have to be dug up on the outside of the home and cut out on the inside and outside. New PVC will need installed in place to solve this issue. There is no way around this based on how this line was ran. Resolution: Built an estimate to repair this sewer line. I do not recommend using water in the home until this is complete as it could result in a major leak. Job Notes: Estimate is good to be submit over to ResiPro for approval. No existing sewer clean-out. The second estimate includes installing a clean-out along with pipe repair. Job Status: Inc

Near Juliana Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED : Hose from the boiler to their washer is leaking. TECHNICIAN NOTES : When I arrived the tenant brought me to the basement/bottom level of the home where I found a broken hot side valve for the existing washing machine box. The tenant also had concerns with the kitchen sink where I found the basket strainer on the right side of the sink when water is being ran. RESOLUTION : No work completed today. Need to submit estimate to resipro for approval to replace the existing basket strainer and hot side for the washing machine box with a existing hammer arrestor connected. JOB NOTES : Please forward complimentary estimate to make the needed repairs ti the basket strainer and hot side for the washing machine box. Please bill resipro for service call in invoice. JOB NOT COMPLETE

Near Triple Crown Ln, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Christopher  N.

Christopher N.

Customer stated- Water leaking in kitchen ceiling Technician notes- arrived to find staining and cracking on ceiling in kitchen, ran water in guest bathroom above, cut hole and found water leaking from tub area, cut behind shower and discover leak on shower valve and trim. Resolution- shower valve needs replaced and strapped off for trim to seal properly. MGP notes- Autho- Job status- not complete Estimates- send

Near Sunflower Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294

Customer stated: every time there is a heavy rain, there is a major leak on the garage ceiling Technician notes: after inspection of area I was unable to find any plumbing in this area, there is a closet above the water damage, leak has not happened unless it is raining. Left voicemail for Jeremiah letting him know that this is most likely a roof leak.

Near Sunflower Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: there was leaks coming through the kitchen ceiling last night. TECHNICIAN NOTES: upon speaking with tenant she told me that when the leaks were occurring in the kitchen ceiling the upstairs hall toilet was clogged and constantly overflowing, tested all plumbing in house and no blockages or leaks have occurred RESOLUTION: no work needed at this time. JOB NOTES: customer overflowed toilet. STATUS: complete AUTHO: ESTIMATES: no further needed

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294

Customer stated: they had a sewer blockage two weeks ago and the upstairs lavatory pop up assembly was disassembled. Technician notes: upon inspection found pop up assembly disassembled, ran all fixtures in bathroom for multiple minutes with no blockage’s happening. Resolution: reassembled pop up assembly, of blockage problems continue to occur I recommend having a camera used to inspect the drain line. MGP notes: please bill accordingly Job status: complete Estimates: no further needed

Near Village Crossing Cir, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Robert D.

Robert D.

Called out for multiple fixtures either draining slow or not draining at all. Main floor powder bathroom toilet was not draining. Tested during our appointment and is working properly, indicating an soft clog that had cleared itself. Upstairs guest bathroom toilet was holding water. Used closet auger and was able to clear clog in toilet. Tested with no further issues. Tub is draining properly. Sink is still draining slow. Was not able to clear it during todays appointment. Will need to reschedule so we can bring out our small sink machine to clear lavatory clogged stack.

Near Village Crossing Cir, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: Water is leaking into the downstairs TECHNICIAN NOTES: Out to the residence today for the concern of a leak appearing downstairs. When I arrived the tenant brought me to the kitchen where he showed me bubbled up drywall on the ceiling. Above the kitchen is a master bathroom upstairs That has a double vanity sink, tub/shower unit, and a 2 piece elongated front toilet. Tenant stated when they took a bath in the master bathroom tub/shower , water began to pour from the light fixture downstairs on the kitchen ceiling. While being on site I have ran water from both vanity sinks, ran the tub/shower from the tub spout and the shower head, ran water over the waste and overflow plate, filled the tub/shower half way and let it drain, and I have flushed the toilet several times. Even with running excessive amounts of water in the master bathroom for 20 minutes, I have been unable to get any sign of water to appear downstairs on the kitchen. RESOLUTION: No leaks found.

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Dan W.

Dan W.

I arrived to the property today and found that the water meter was pad locked. Per instructions I removed the lock from the meter. Spoke with PM who was able to unlock the door remotely to allow access to the property. I inspected all of the fixtures and found no leaks at this time which I confirmed by the water meter as well. Water is back on door is locked

Near Yolanda Trail, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Santos Q.

Santos Q.

Customer call about no water I find the meter is locked take lock out and everything is good

Near Tolliver Dr, Ellenwood, GA 30294

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