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My Georgia Plumber is a trusted plumbing service company that has been serving the Ellenwood, GA area for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain cleaning and repair, sewer line and water line services, water heater services, gas lines, bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing and remodeling services. We are dedicated to providing our Ellenwood customers with the highest quality of service possible, and we believe that our experience and reputation speak for themselves. If you are in need of a plumber, please give us a call today!

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James T.

James T.

The tenants complaint is that there is sewage backing up out of the lower clean out that we installed We found there is sewage backing up out of the lower clean out and it has been for a while We ran the big snake down the line several times and removed roots at 75 feet from the lower clean out when we cameraed the line we found 2 more spots of roots in the 120 to 130 feet from the lower clean out We cleared the clog and got it flowing for now We ran the snake and camera Job completed Need to get with management to discuss the next step in fixing the underlying issue

Near Juliana Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Trevor J.

Trevor J.

Customer/ Tenant States: They have no hot water. Moved in Friday and have not had hot water sense. Technician Notes: Out today to look into issue with no hot water. 40 gallon Rheem natural gas water heater located in the main level garage on a stand is roughly 9 years old. Upon inspection I found that the thermopile wires and the igniter wires have melted/ been chewed on. Water heater either needs repaired or replaced. If repaired, new gas control valve and burner assembly will be needed. Resolution: Need to order burner assembly. We have gas control valve in stock. Job Notes: No exterior sewer clean out located. Job Status: Incomplete. Autho: Bill to/ submit to ResiPro. Estimates: Good to send (If ResiPro prefers replacement over repair disregard ordering parts) Parts needed: We h

Near Dan Dr, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: upstairs bathroom lav is leaking into garage ceiling TECHNICIAN NOTES: found ptrap for hall bathroom lav is to low causing the entire drain assembly to connect sideways and leak RESOLUTION/RECOMMENDATIONS: remove and rerun the entire drain assembly to fix issue JOB NOTES: reran drain assembly using an elbow to bring the connection up higher and allow trap to connect without hitting bottom of cabinets JOB STATUS: completed PARTS: (IF INCOMPLETE ARE STOCK OR SPECIAL ORDER PARTS NEEDED?) AUTHO: (AUTHO CODE OR WHO YOU SPOKE TO) ESTIMATES: (READY TO SEND OR NEED REVIEW)

Near Rex Rd, Ellenwood, GA 30294

Dhufstetler 01/30/24 Customer had purchased a toilet and was interested in having hall powder room skirted toilet replaced with customer supplied standard model. Customer accepted estimate for customer supplied toilet replacement. Replaced toilet and tested with no issues. $258.58 pd by cc JOB COMPLETE

Near Moor Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: shower sometimes gets hot water other times it doesn’t TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis while out on site I looked at a hallway upstairs bathroom which does get hot and cold water each time I turned it on and off I couldn’t replicate the issue. RESOLUTION: could not replicate issue of not getting hot water each time I tried it came out cold and hot when turned to hot I could not find the issue home owners mentioned. JOBSTATUS: complete diagnosis

Near Smithfield Ave, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: upstairs tub spout keeps falling out TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis while out today I checked the upstairs hallway bathroom and found that the tub spout was not tightened and needed to be tightened RESOLUTION: tightened the tub spout and found no further issues after multiple times of testing, the upstairs tub spout was loose and not tightened from the set screw. JOBSTATUS: comeplete

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED : Master bathroom leaks when using tub. TECHNICIAN NOTES : Out to the residence today for approved work to replace the overflow for the master bathroom tub/shower upstairs. Piping needed to be modified. RESOLUTION : Cut drywall near toilet for access and replaced waste overflow piping for tub/shower in master bathroom. Repairs have been tested with no further concerns. JOB STATUS : Job complete.

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: low pressure in shower hallway upstairs , and stopper does not fit in master bathroom tub , ice maker line no water TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis as of today tenant stated other company came and fixed shower issue yesterday, master bathroom tub stopper is screwed off will need to be put back on , and fridge line was getting water as of today RESOLUTION: screwed stopper on into tub without further issues, and confirmed ice maker line is producing water. As of today I tested what I worked on without further problems. JOBSTATUS: complete AUTHO: resipro

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294

CUSTOMER STATED: master bathroom tub spout leaks TECHNICIAN NOTES: came out today for diagnosis while out on site found three handle shower valve leaking from tub spout , after further diagnosis found inside gaskets of stems were worn down and will need to be replaced. RESOLUTION: replaced the stem gaskets and found no further issues did explain to tenant that shower head will hold water and will need to drain down the system to make sure no water is left inside riser to shower head which makes it seem like it’s still leaking but no further concern as of today. , please note pressure regulating valve has not failed yet but has some corrosion around it but no leaks no need to address as of this time JOBSTATUS: complete AUTHO: resipro autho

Near Hammond Ct, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Santos Q.

Santos Q.

Customer call about leak on kitchen ceiling I find the overflow on tub above kitchen is leaking to fix this issue we need to cut drywall to access and replace the overflow need summit to resipro

Near Tolliver Pl, Ellenwood, GA 30294

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