Spooky Sounds in the pipes: What do they mean?

Noisy Pipes

As the autumn breeze starts to chill the air, and Halloween draws near, families across the nation are getting ready for the spookiest night of the year. Ghosts, goblins, and the sweet chaos of trick-or-treating are on the horizon. But amidst the eerie excitement, there’s one thing homeowners might find even scarier than a haunted house – those mysterious, unsettling sounds echoing through their pipes!

Don’t be tricked by these mischievous noises. It’s not a goblin’s prank; it’s your plumbing trying to send you a message. So, gather ’round for a spooky plumbing tale and learn how to decipher the sounds that go bump in the night.

 The Haunted Humming

Picture this: a ghostly hum resonating through your pipes. It’s not a phantom; it’s high-water pressure causing vibrations that would make any specter jealous. Ideally, your water pressure should be in the 45-80 psi range – any higher, and you’ve got a plumbing séance on your hands. But beware, the culprit could also be a mischievous gate valve. If it’s not letting water flow smoothly, you’ll have a humming toilet that’s more Casper than commode.

 Whistling Wind or Whistling Pipes?

Ever heard pipes whistle a creepy tune? No, it’s not your pipes trying to join a ghost choir; it’s likely water racing too fast through narrow openings. Just like a banshee’s wail, these whistling pipes warn of trouble. Whether it’s high pressure or mineral buildup, your pipes are turning into a spooky symphony. Time to call in the experts for a water line investigation before your plumbing becomes the Phantom of the Opera.

Scared Under Covers

 Water Hammering Can Bring a Fright!

Now, imagine a sudden, thunderous bang – it’s not a poltergeist, but water hammering on your pipes like a spectral blacksmith. This spine-chilling sound occurs when valves slam shut or pumps abruptly stop, causing a shockwave of pressure. It’s like your plumbing has turned into a haunted carnival ride! But don’t let this scare linger; water hammering can lead to burst pipes. Summon the professionals to exorcise this plumbing demon before it wreaks havoc.

So, there you have it – a tale of haunted plumbing sounds that rival the spookiest of Halloween stories. If your pipes are singing a spectral serenade, remember, it’s not a trick, but a call for help. Don’t be frightened; be prepared. And when the shadows grow long and the pipes start their eerie chorus, remember to call My Georgia Plumber at 770-592-0081. Listen for pipes bumping in the night – and don’t let your plumbing become a ghostly nightmare!

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