Federal Tax Credits for Water Heaters

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Federal Tax Credits: Saving Money on Energy-Efficient Equipment

In an effort to promote energy efficiency, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers tax credits to homeowners who invest in high-efficiency heating, cooling, and water heating equipment. This blog highlights the tax credit opportunities provided by the IRS and specifically focuses on qualifying products from Rheem® Air Conditioning and Rheem® Water Heating divisions. By taking advantage of these federal tax credits, homeowners can save money while making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. Additionally, we explore the availability of state, local, and utility rebates in residential energy markets.

The Taxpayer Certainty Disaster and Tax Relief Act of 2019

  • Introduction to the legislation enabling tax credits on high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment.
  • Rheem® Air Conditioning Division’s certification of qualifying models under Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Maximum tax credit amount of 10% of the installed cost, up to $500 for eligible homeowners.

Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit

  • Information on tax credits provided for high-efficiency water heating equipment.
  • Certification by Rheem® Water Heating Division for specific water heating models eligible for a $300 credit.
  • Requirements for ENERGY STAR® certified gas water heaters and Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters.

Additional Rebates and Credits

  • Mention of possible state, local, and utility rebates available in residential energy markets.
  • Encouragement to visit the “Rebate Center” for a comprehensive list of energy efficiency tax credits by state.
  • Providing a link to Rheem’s website for detailed information on federal tax credits.

By taking advantage of federal tax credits, homeowners can save money while making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. Rheem® offers qualified models for heating, cooling, and water heating equipment, ensuring eligibility for these tax credits. Additionally, homeowners should explore possible rebates and credits available in their respective energy markets. Whether you reside in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Canton, or any of the neighboring cities, My Georgia Plumber is here to assist you with your plumbing needs. Contact us today or book your appointment online to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency and potential tax savings.

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