Need Gas Range, Oven & Cooktop Installation?

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Who Installs Gas Ranges?

Like gas dryers, gas stoves and ranges also require technicians skilled and licensed to work with gas lines and connections. In most newly built homes, many home buyers are choosing to have gas ranges and gas stovetops as opposed to electric. My Georgia Plumber can install any style of gas range or stovetop in your kitchen. Just give us a call.

The Benefits of Gas Stove Installation

Some of our customers prefer cooking with gas over electricity. While many electric ranges offer a variety of features and make perfectly acceptable cooking appliances, gas ranges offer the same features for comparable prices; plus, they offer a traditional cooking method with many distinct advantages.

Some of these advantages include:

  • Accurate Cooking Temperatures: Gas ranges tend to provide heat more closely suited to recommended heating requirements in cookbooks and most recipes. Because a gas flame immediately grows larger or smaller with the turn of a dial, the heat transmitted to the cookware also changes immediately, unlike an electric range where the burner has to cool before the heat distributed to the cookware drops. The accurate temperatures and controls of a gas stove top allow you to try tricky recipes that might be difficult with an electric stove.
  • Evenly Distributed Heat: Unless an electric cooktop is perfectly flat, the heat from the burner might not distribute evenly to the cookware. Because the flame of a gas cooktop is centralized, it allows for even distribution of heat to the cookware, which reduces scorching.
  • Lower Heat Emissions: Gas burners emit less wasted heat than electric stoves, which helps maintain a cool environment in your home. Also, the gas flame and the heat it emits immediately disappear when turned off, whereas an electric stove will keep emitting heat until it completely cools.
  • Faster Cooking Time: Gas heat is immediately available, so it takes less time to cook food on a gas cooktop than on an electric range, which must warm up before cooking. Because gas ranges evenly distribute heat and can adjust temperature moment to moment, food can be cooked faster by adjusting the temperature from high to low with less scorching.
  • No Power? No Problem: If your electrical power goes off due to weather or other interference, you can still prepare a meal with a gas stove. Gas lines are not usually affected by inclement weather, so if your home is equipped with gas burners, you can eat steak instead of sandwiches.

If there are any problems with the gas range or stovetop, there are signs that tell you; you may smell gas, the pilot light may be home, the fixture may not be working correctly, etc… No matter what the problem is My Georgia Plumber is here to help you solve it!

Residents in and around Acworth, Alpharetta, Ball Ground, Canton, Cumming, Kennesaw, Johns Creek, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, and Woodstock have trusted My Georgia Plumber to solve their plumbing issues for over 30 years.

We have a plumber near you if you are in the North Atlanta metro area. Just call us at (770) 268-2331 or use our easy online booking.

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